Saturday, December 20, 2014

Collector Mkrtich Okroyan opens in the capital of the first museum of Art Deco – Club Industry Journalism

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In the capital, plans to open a private museum, the first Russian exhibition genre of Art Deco. Mkrtich Okroyan – the man who organized the exhibition, and in the future it will be the sponsor it. Building for the museum to choose the correct, it was located at the Mint of the Russian Empire. The museum will occupy an area of ​​about 2000 square meters.
Mkrtich Okroyan – the most famous collector and owner of the collection Al-deko.Etomu kind of art collector even dedicated a book of his own pen.

Mkrtich Okroyan gathered in his collection work of popular artists in the Art Deco style: Dmitry Chiparusa, Edgar Brandt, Ferdinand Preiss, Paul Follo.

The Collector gathers a collection of art deco is not the first year, he also travels with her on other countries, conducting exhibitions and attached to culture. The last 10 years through a collection of Okroyana organized educational and scientific lectures.

The museum with a collection of art deco will open to the public on December 23 of this year, all those wishing to join the culture are waiting for a wonderful show.

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