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“Critics infuriates my directness” – Chelyabinsk Service Information

Director Yuri Bykov said “Gazeta.ru” the movie “Christmas Tree 1914″ and the principle of the existence of auteur cinema in Russia and explained who meant Vladimir Medina, speaking of Russian cinema in simple language.

January 25 in rolling out movie “Christmas Tree 1914″. The new part of the Christmas action franchise moved to the beginning year of the First World War. Their faces are the same – Ivan Urgant, Sergei Svetlakov, Konstantin Habensky Mary Poroshina and others. At this time, all of them together will affect the Emperor Nicholas II, who in connection with the war decided to cancel the Christmas tree – as a purely German, and thus an enemy of the invention. The new film, as well as the past, built in the format of the almanac with intricately interwoven novellas. Directors of short stories a hundred years ago was Olga Harina, Timur Bekmambetov, Dmitry Kiselev and many others. Short story of salvation bear hunting frenzy exhibited his master, suddenly put Yuri Bykov – author ostrosotsialnyh festival hits “Major” and “Fool”. “Times” on the eve of the premiere and talked with the director about how it all happened.

– How did you get to “elkah»?

– (laughs) You ask, as if my name Zvyagintsev.

– But it is not so far from the truth in the minds of people who know you as a permanent member of “Kinotavr”, you – the director of auteur cinema.

– In fact, everything is very simple. Rental “Major” in the past year to support the company “Bazelevs” and personally Timur Bekmambetov. It is clear that we are not a lot of money collected, but people saw the picture, she went to the people – and this is a great merit of Timur. I felt that I was the man is very nice, and revised his critical attitude to the commercial cinema – and realized that there is a niche that you want to take in order to stay afloat. So when I got a call from “Bazelevs” and asked to participate in the “1914 Year trees”, I gladly accepted. I then started to work with the new operator and decided to try out a new team, but at the same time practice a new genre – remove simple sweet story.

– Check the team was only reason, or something else hooked?

– First, the “Christmas Tree” – a very short distance to work in this format was interesting. On the other hand, I’m certainly not going to tell you how I was raised and caught material.

«Christmas Tree” – a franchise that brings money, a very pragmatic thing and my attitude to it is appropriate.

I can not say that I discovered something new in the process: in principle, I can do tragicomedy – see “Fool.” Another thing is that when you remove the author’s cinema, you can always say “I see”, if the joke did not work.

And here I had to laugh at the funny episodes, and sad – crying,

This imposes a certain responsibility. But the work was very comfortable – and in the end everything turned out. We, by the way, they took 40 minutes and includes 15, imagine what the squeeze?

– You’ve seen the previous “Christmas Tree”, you think, than new different from them? In addition to age, of course.

– The Age and entourage made a “Christmas Tree” more dramatic. This does not apply, perhaps, my novel – it is more repriznaya comic. Changed the rhythm of the film compared with previous less rapid, gags, smoother: the beginning of the twentieth century suggests certain articles.

Director Yuri Bykov
Director Yuri Bykov
– Now let’s talk about where we started. Why did you decide to turn towards commercial cinema?

– In “Kinotavr” people who, logically, had to support me, the picture did not help – and I felt that I should look for friends in other countries. I decided that I will continue to make and commercial cinema, and his own, copyright (though his speech after Vladimir Medinsky, and I have probably shoot on pure altruism).

After all, if decide whom more relate to his word, we are talking about me, not the other Russian authors who speak much more vague.

I understand that if I am in the same critical and uncompromising attitude to the surrounding reality, none of the producers of funding under the Ministry of Culture of my films do not get it. I will lead a double life, will now have two Bykov – commercial and author. In principle, so live almost all my colleagues – except Zvyagintsev, except that.

– This is a strange story, after all, “Major” and “Fool” – is, in fact, genre paintings …

– Yes, you’re right, but it is assumed that on controversial subjects speak very intelligent, well-read people and also the corresponding high calm. Do in this area any genre hybrids are not accepted. What I allow myself, for this reason, does not find support in the professional community.

– That is, you did not come to the court nor the producers nor the critics?

– Well, the producers I can not honor, as left the series “The village” Igor Tolstunov – do not want to hack. Critics scary, if not furious, it was my directness. Opportunity to convey a message without encryption usual audience for me is more important than experimentation with cinematic language; not hide it ever. Khlebnikov, Mamula Bakuradze very strongly distance themselves from the usual audience – and it is their conscious choice that I respect, but I personally do not fit.

– I know that you have removed the TV series “Method” with Keira Knightley for “protection” and the First Channel. Tell us more about it?

– What can I say … Right now passed through the first “Major”, see? Basically, it gives an idea of ​​what to expect, as any series, made the “environment” – is the author’s work Cekalo producer Alexander. I, in turn, is hooked interesting mobile scenario and that you can begin full commercial career with a large project. In addition, had the opportunity to work on the rest of the “fool”, which I just finished. I can not say that we have done something incredibly dramatic, rather it is through the looking glass, almost a fairy tale. There are terminally ill detective with extraordinary talent, which takes a very impressive intern. Habensky with a beard and a velvet cap, blue old “Mercedes”, maniacs … All Cekalo series stand out so very fanciful style of some kind does not exist in reality, a reality.

It is of Russian reality trying to isolate some pseudo -America that, in my opinion, is very controversial, but I hope it will turn out.

– When the “Method” is just beginning, it was almost on the Russian “Dexter» …

– Oh no, here is another dramatic basis.

Kostya played in this engibarovski sad clown. It is generally, despite the maniacs and other action-packed, very tragicomic story. Habensky correctly sensed that here you can not play “un-American.” We have, as I said, has turned the tale – in which, however, there is violence, sex and death.

– So, now you have to complete several large projects. How will develop your double life?

– I’ll be going back to do a great job with the commercial “Bazelevs” and another author – a very cruel and tough, I can say what it will have a slogan: “We do not necessary. ” Also, I’m going for the next year to remove vosmiseriynogo series – until you get something like “real detective.” Moreover, I have as an artist and going to work actively, it is also necessary to make your own movies. I work a lot in order to have that opportunity. Ideally I would like to become a producer himself, because it is the only way for the author in this country. There is no other.


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