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“Foreign body”: The Devil Wears Polish awards ***** –

Drama “foreign body” goes into wide release December 18, 2014. Director: Krzysztof Zanussi. Cast: Ricardo Leonello, Agnieszka Grochowska, Agata Buzek and others.

Polish girl Kasia is going to take monastic vows. Contrary to popular belief that the monks are moving away from some serious problems in the life of a girl so good: a loving and compassionate mother of the groom and balanced Angelo, who is not only wildly in love with her, but also fully shares her faith, spending all my free time at church services in earnest prayer. Seeing the suffering of a loved one, Kasia, of course, a little doubt, but it seems that everything is already decided for myself a long time.

Angelo, on the contrary, hoping that the “folly” of the bride will take place sooner or later, gets a job a major energy company. Here he has a hard time. Bitchy boss Chris is trying to clear his pious employee out of a rut, then tightly compressing, it strives to seduce. Angelo behaves remarkably dignified, without entering into open confrontation, but not indulging haughty businesswoman. When Chris understands that minor mischief slave is not afraid, she takes him in important negotiations in Russia, where he is, by design, should play an improper role.

«Christianity is not exhausted itself, it has enormous power, great dynamics, “- said recently the director Krzysztof Zanussi. His new film tells the story just about the challenges of the modern world towards a genuinely religious people. The fate of Christians in the secular age is unenviable: for it strikes the notorious “corporate ethics”, their giggles escorted catty co-workers, they strive to seduce various inadequate girls – just like that, just for fun. And all this – in addition to inner doubts, throwing, temptations and destructive passions, undermines spiritual core inside.

Do not afraid to swim against the tide Angelo – now a foreign body. He is like a bone in the throat as a pea in a heap of soft quilts, like a splinter in someone’s gentle hand. “I love because it hurts, it hurts, or because love” – ​​the famous words of Alexander Bashlacheva fully applicable to him. In this case, the protagonist of the film Zanussi never asking for trouble, and sometimes it seems clogged and spineless. But, ultimately, it acts that force, which, according to the Apostle Paul, “made perfect in weakness” and helps to resist even a spoiled lady like Chris. But it seems to be a real devil in the flesh, which is not alien to all vices. Whip lash to death callboy, substitute colleague taste of forbidden love, laughter for fasten to assistant state awards just dead relatives – all for Chris as a piece of cake.

The antidote Zanussi sees only in Christianity. And Catholicism and Orthodoxy are presented in the movie in a very favorable light. Mother Abbess very delicately refers to a young nun, allowing it to make your own and not someone externally imposed choice. A special role in the film assigned Russia. Directed by a very high opinion of the spiritual potential of our compatriots. Not by accident, after learning of the impending departure of Angelo, Russia, assistant Chris contemptuous remarks: “There he is completely lost among their own kind.” Indeed, barely arrived in Moscow, Angelo met here wondrous Orthodox monk who left a brilliant career in the service of the Lord basketball.

In rezulate almost every character of the film comes into contact with God – regardless of the original religion. Someone destined to go hard, but clean and bright way. Someone will wade through terrible trials. Someone has to lose everything before anything begins to understand. Well, someone repent only apparent miracle.

Not only cases remain cold rationalist – Casey’s father, whose image does not undergo any changes. There are suspicions that this is the alter ego of the Zanussi, who shot the film primarily for something to convince himself. This means that a sincere, deeply personal “foreign body” is guaranteed to be interested and many, many others.

Denis Stupnikov, InterMedia


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