Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gosfilmofond is the third collection of the Museum of counterfeit movies – Variety Russia

Gosfilmofond conducted an inspection catalog of full-length feature films Cinema Museum, which includes 841 picture (it’s a third of the museum’s collection), and found the entire directory counterfeit. According to the organization, all the copies are not subject to public display and must be either legalized or destroyed.

«We have always asked permission from the rights holders before the public showing of paintings. When we received as a gift from the films of Jean-Luc Godard and Film Archives of India, every time we had to coordinate activities with embassies and cultural centers. We do not have access to the archives of the Union of Cinematographers, where to store these papers, we are told that t hey were stolen. But I do not accept the conclusion of the State Film Fund and is confident that the team at the Museum movie trying to dig up dirt “- responded to the former director of the Museum of Cinema Naum Kleiman, who noted that Gosfilmofond not bind to either him or his former subordinates during the test and did not request documents at the movies.

According to the current director of the Museum of Cinema Larisa Solonitsyna, now she will have to deal with time-consuming searches holders, contracts, as well as obtaining the rolling identity: “The conclusion I have absolutely not happy».

Source: The News


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