Friday, December 26, 2014

Hackers congratulated users Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on Christmas – Club Industry Journalism

An unusual gift for Christmas all users of Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Hacker community Lizard Squad attacked data gaming services, bringing gamers access to your account has been blocked.

The most affected categories of customers gaming companies were those who received the next-generation consoles as a gift for Christmas. Imagine the disappointment of fans of video games when a game console finally received the eighth generation (Xbox One or Playstation 4) they were not able to connect it to the virtual service.

Interestingly, the specific financial harm, this DoS attack, gaming companies has not brought. Hideki Yasuda told, an expert from the Tokyo branch of Sony «It is not possible to establish the motives of actions of hackers. Was it – is an attempt to steal personal data or sabotage of the service is not clear. Even with the success of this attack, significant losses investors would suffer ».

Note game system from Microsoft and Sony yavlyayutsa most advanced devices in the gaming world today. Start of sales took place a year ago. While the new consoles do not meet the expectations of gamers. Although the power of consoles astonishing, really standing games they do not yet have. The most popular designs – a port from the previous generation with updated graphics.

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