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He died the legendary rock singer Joe Cocker – BBC Russian

  • December 22, 2014


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In a statement, the singer’s agent says that Joe Cocker died last night.

The famous English rock musician Joe Cocker died at the age of 70 years.

In a statement, the singer’s agent Barry Marshall said, Joe Cocker died last night from an illness, the nature of which has not been disclosed.

The best-known compositions in its performance – blues ballad “My Father’s Son”, “Unchain My Heart”, “You Can Leave Your Hat On” , “Now That the Magic Has Gone” and “N’oubliez jamais”.

“As a prodigy – the real star – he remained a kind and humble man who loved to act … Everyone who ever it saw him never forget … Joe Cocker was unique, and it is impossible to fill the space it occupied in our hearts, “- said in a statement the singer agent Barry Marshall.

In August 1969 his performance was one of the highlight of the festival in Woodstock, after which he became one of the “regulars” of the festival.

His career began in Coker 1960, speaking in his native Sheffield. In 1963, Cocker and his team were on stage at Sheffield City Hall before the concert Rolling Stones.

The last concert of Joe Cocker held in London in June last year.

Browser BBC Russian Service of Culture Alexander Kahn:

Joe Cocker – one of the most prominent figures in the history of British rock.

The statement all the more surprising that the English rock – from its very beginning and during all the years of his life and career Cocker – was based on the cult singer-songwriter. Lennon-McCartney planted, caught Jagger, Richards and their countless followers of tradition strictly supposed original creativity, create your own songs, without which the musician was doomed to second-class status poluestradnogo artist, unworthy of the proud title of a rock artist.

Coker burst to international fame with her not, but with someone else’s song. And with the song Beatles. It broke, because it is written by Lennon and McCartney (infrequent in recent years in case of a real co-creation) and included in the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band uncomplicated unpretentious song With A Little Help From Friends by Ringo no stars from the sky did not suffice, and seemed doomed to remain empty and sweet, but pass-through number in a great album.

A year later, 24-year-old Cocker radically reinterpreted the song, changing its rhythm, typing very long instrumental introduction to the guitar solo then-little-known session musician Jimmy Page, bringing it unprecedented blues expression and its unique gestures, captured in a film about the Woodstock Festival in 1969.

This signature style kokerovsky stayed with him for life. He outplayed in many groups, recorded more than two dozen albums. He ruthlessly and violently drunk, he never learned to write their own songs, but kokerovskaya manner, his unique raspy voice, his unique style make it a real rock musician – on a par with his many friends and colleagues, these authors, for which it and was flat and the other.


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