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Holy smoke 100 years ago. New comedy was “historic” – Arguments and Facts

It is Bekmametov has decided to transfer the film to 100 years ago. Events unfold picture 24 December 1914, on the eve of Christmas in the old style.


«It was difficult to part with their favorite characters, but did not want to repeat myself again – explains Bekmambetov. – And this move has given us the opportunity to show how we lived 100 years ago, which we had a country and as Birth of a new year – a unique holiday, combining pagan, Christian and Soviet traditions. And, of course, I was happy to work again in the historical format. Love for him has remained with me from filming commercials for the bank “Imperial”, and together with it – tried and tested techniques and an understanding of how to tell historical anecdotes so that modern audiences laughed and hated myself for something useful »


Unlike previous “trees”, this time in the film includes six novels, which is set in the cities and towns of Russia, noble estates and peasant huts, at rest balls and harsh fronts of World. So in order …


short story “House»


Heroes central novella film became talismans and permanent members of the franchise – Ivan Urgant and Sergei Svetlakov . In the story of their history, the central characters of the novel are found in one of the cities in the south of Russia, where this year was abnormally hot winter.


While in one corner of a large country, the December blizzard raging in the other – peach blossom. Zapravsky dandy Boris ( Ivan Urgant ) to buy property on the Black Sea coast, to hit a rich bride Bella ( Evgeniya Brik ) – he has big plans for her dowry. On Christmas Eve, they come to inspect a package, but on the threshold of their encounters Eugene ( Sergei Svetlakov ), the former owner of the house, which does not get used to his new status, and afraid to talk about the sale of a household name. Eugene finds himself between a rock and a hard place: twenty families who had gathered to celebrate Christmas, and inflexible Boris, who decided to evict all …


To Urganta Ivan Sergei and Svetlakova “Christmas Tree 1914″ was the first experience in a historical movie. “We play their ancestors, we continue to be Boris and Eugene, only now – Nemtsov and Evgeny Pavlovich. Finally, in the fourth part transpired our roots “- jokingly explains Ivan Urgant. His picks Sergei Svetlakov: “Of course, historical interiors, antiques and actors in costumes immerse us in that era … it happens to fall asleep for a short while and woke up to the first 10 seconds, you feel a little out there».


scene from the movie “Christmas Tree 1914»

«To soak up the feelings of the era, Timur invited us to live together with Vladimir Zeldin – continues Ivan. – But, unfortunately, it was a performance, and then the gym, and we had to abandon the idea. ” Already seriously Sergey admits that experienced great satisfaction from filming: “Every time, returning home after a shift, I felt that I lived a life in which I would like to look into. We are glad that the story turned this way. This is not a story that has happened with our characters and could happen again, and a completely different movie, another layer, another time. ” He moved to the actors helped Costume Natalia Dziubenko .


«We sought to maximize the reliability of the costumes used the original invoice, repeated cutting of the time, – says Natalya. – In addition, it was necessary to pass the Christmas mood. And this despite the fact that our heroes are, in fact, are in summ er environment – so warm winter has stood out. ” Character and lifestyle of the main characters identified their images. Boris Ivan Urganta as man of the world, is high trousers with braces – belts did not yet exist – and typical of the time lacquered shoes. Completes his hat and cane image found in a private collection. No less important for that time and looks heroine Eugenia Brik. “Bella – woman beautiful and bright, besides a very peculiar character, – says Natalya. – We stressed it to include road costume heroine red velvet dress. Thus, we have identified the originality of Bella and the efforts of its contrast with the rest of the characters. She is dressed in the fashion, and all the inhabitants of the house – a little old-fashioned stylistically. In particular, Sergei Svetlakova hero who wears a lightweight linen suit and straw hat. ” Apart from Ivan Urgant, Sergei Svetlakova, Eugene Brick, Plaksina Elena an d Irina Arkhipova, a short story involving brilliant actors of the older generation, which played a member of a large family – Emmanuel Vitorgan Albert Filozov and Alexander Nazarov . They have added a unique ensemble cast of the project.


short story “The royal tree»

 The main decoration of the novel became a Konstantin Habensky. Voiceover all parts of the “Christmas trees”, the actor will first appear in the picture only in the fourth part of the movie. His character – the officer of the imperial army – it helps the protagonist Ivan by Alexander Pal («Kiss!”, “Kiss! 2″, “All at once”). Their co-star was the Vera Panfilov («Startup”), as supplemented ensemble cast Alexander Polovtsiev («Streets of Broken Lights”) and Dato Bakhtadze («Wanted”, “Irony of Fate. Continuation”), which returned to the “Christmas Tree” after four years and appeared in the role of the Grand Duke. ”

Novella “Skaters»


The first, in February 2014, historical images tried on Arthur Smoljaninov and Catherine Spitz . Actors played the pioneers of Russian figure skating, which claim the gold one of the first international championships held in Russia. Hero Smolyaninova, the tsarist police officer, is torn between her love for figure skating – or rather, to its attractive partner, and public service. To play a skater, the actor had to go through a cycle of training, because until then he rode only in childhood, in the hockey box. Arthur put on figure skates took Ilya Averbuch , who has worked with a partner Smolyaninova – Katherine Spitz – the show “Ice Age”. Prepared by the actress took a few training together to rehearse a number that renowned trainer specifically set for filming. For raising the entire novella posted by Alexander Kott, winner of the festival “Kinotavr” in 2014: & #8220;I was offered several options and I immediately chose the story of skaters – always interesting to explore uncharted territory. I’ve never shot sporting events, slip on common people, and my colleagues and I came up with a passion for ways to effectively show the story, which is also about sport and about love ».



short story “The Bear»


Novella, which formed the basis for the story by Nikolai Leskov “The Beast” tells the story of friendship swain Senka ( Anton Bogdanov ) and bear yard, which tries to separate madcap master ( Jan Tsapnik ). He arranges the hunt for a universal favorite, to curry favor with the Count ( Victor Verzhbitsky ) … but underestimates the intelligence of the animal. For the director Yuri Bykov, Author festival hit, “Major” and other films ostrosotsialnyh, participation in “elkah” became a kind of experiment, and the ability to change the line: “As an artist of the first education and ironic man I greatly respect comedy. “Christmas Tree” was a great opportunity to try his hand at another genre, especially because originally it was not the whole movie, and on a separate novel. Here I tried not to bring what I do in my movi e, it’s a completely different formats. But with the operator Yuri Korobeynikov We have come to his side of the visual novel, adding a lot of beautiful scenery. But the key for me is not it, and work with actors, and I can say that “elkah” I much luck with them ».


The central role in the story got a bear Stepan, who according to the number and popularity of his film credits does not yield an eminent partner in the film. He’s struggled with Vladimir Mashkov in the film by Alexei Uchitel “The Edge”, bear starred in Nikita Mikhalkov in “The Barber of Siberia”, and in adulthood – a “Horde» Andrew Proshkina. So began shooting test not only for Stepan, but for Yuri Bykov, who still did not work in the frame with four-legged. “With or without kinoopytom, the animal is an animal, and work with it – great work – says the d irector. – It is always a huge amount of takes, long waits and frustration. In addition, we filmed at the beginning of March and Stepan always wanted to hibernate. But it worked, so it is harmless animal, which in the wild would be easily torn man. We can more or less safely placed in the picture with him artists and not to resort to the help with the stand-ins ».


scene from the movie “Christmas Tree 1914»

But the recognition of Anton Bogdanov, who more than others interacted with 300 killogramovyh animals calm was not always: “Our first meeting was held with a bear without incident, he even licked me in greeting. But during the filming of Stepan recalled that he still predator. On a plot of the novel, the characters make a collective picture of a bear. The flash is needed, such as before, with sparks, so resorted to pyrotechnics, and those that something has gone wrong and everything worked out ahead of time. Stepan startled, got up on his hind legs and not a little scared us all. But I had a more extreme experience, when we had to deal with it. This scenario happens all a joke, but in fact I pulled hard on the shoulders of a huge machine of which nearly broke the back of me. ” But the experience of Jan Tsapnika was less dramatic, “Stepan climbed to cuddle all the time, that it was quite frightening as absurd and ridiculous. He and tries to lick my face, so that the few times I’ve had overthrown wig language ».


Another adornment novel became Victor Verzhbitsky , who starred in the first two parts of the movie. “I consider myself a representative of the theatrical art form, and everything that is connected with the suit, time, epoch, make-up, I am very interested – says the actor. – In addition, the script reminded me of promotional work for the bank Timur Bekmambetov’s “Imperial”, when in a short story unfolded some documentary and anecdotal history. Not all novel the film is based on real facts, mostly fiction, but I hope the filmmakers manage to keep the spirit and humor of the famous spots ».


Novella “Volunteers»


In the unexpected historical images have appeared and other permanent members of “Christmas tree franchise» – Alexander Golovin, Alexander Domogarov-ml., Anna Khil’kevich, Galina Stakhanov . As in “elkah 3″ for posing their stories took director Dmitry Kiselev .


scene from the movie “Christmas Tree 1914»

Its action takes place in Perm. Dreaming of laurels heroes, fellow students (Alexander and Alexander Golovin Domogarov ml.) Are recorded in the volunteers. But before going to the front guys decides to visit his friend Katya (Anna Khil’kevich), which is calling friends over the holidays in Ekaterinburg. Requests only bring along her native Babu Manu (Galina Stakhanov). Students do not know how the exam will result for them this trip …


«Although other historical conditions, my character remained the same slobs what it was in previous” elkah “says actor Alexander Golovin. – Yes, it has changed in appearance: there were false mustache became shorter haircut, and, of course, now I have a historical costume. The changes affected not only the costume, but the question of our heroes with Sasha. Although they have become much more cultured, we are still constantly argue and call each other, but now in other words, for example, such as funny “dubotolk.” So that the conflict that existed between skiers and snowboarders left, he simply ceased to be a sports ».


Novella “Chaliapin»


On a plot of the novel, on the eve of Nastya and her little brother Grisha as anyone else in need of a Christmas miracle. Their mother was in a fever confined to bed and can not engage in the sewing business, condemning children to search for food. But all their thoughts – how to get money for medicine, while her mother did not become worse. Good people do not rush to help, but the case confronts children with colorful gentleman. They do not realize that they face a great Chaliapin …


scene from the movie “Christmas Tree 1914»

One of the main roles played by actress novel Maria Poroshina , who returned to the franchise in four years. “Since filming the first” elkah “I managed to miss the project. And then there’s an unusual, historical format, so I immediately agreed, – says the actress. – I have a small role – only two shooting days, but during that time my heroine passes the path to happiness through absolute despair. More than half the time of the shooting I had to spend in bed, my character was ill with fever. Immerse yourself in this state was not difficult: the shooting took place during the cold days of March, not in the room and in the historical scenery, built on the site full-scale Mosfilm. To comply with fire safety, heated it symbolically, so I have teeth were chattering from the cold. And of course, as a mother I have been absolutely clear sense of my character, which even in very serious condition is always thinking about the welfare of children. I had a wonderful little Partners – Daniel Izotov and Sonia Hilkova , which in its 13 years managed to play 20 film roles. It is curious that Sonia was already my daughter – in the series “Always say always,” where we like to “elkah 1914″, was directed by Alexander Karpilovskaya ».


How to remove


In contrast to the whole picture, action which takes place 100 years ago, the initial and final frames “Christmas trees in 1914″ will be modern: the plot, the noisy company is going to celebrate Russia’s main holiday in one of the historic interiors of the city, after which the action is transferred on the eve of 1915 in Constantine Palace St. Petersburg.


To shoot in the cities chosen interiors of the era and spacious enough to accommodate several hundred actors. One after the other crew area are: Perm Palace of Culture. Soldatov, Saratov Opera and Ballet Theatre, Kazan City Hall, Irkutsk Regional Philharmonic, Omsk Philharmonic, Voronezh Opera and Ballet Theatre, Krasnoyarsk Theatre for Young People.


scene from the movie “Christmas Tree 1914»

On the background of the historic interiors folk actors counting the seconds to the New Year, clinked glasses with champagne, were New Year’s greetings to their city and the choir sang the theme song of the film “On either side of the Earth” group “Secret».


According to the good “Christmas tree” tradition, along with professional actors in the filming of “Christmas trees” were involved in ordinary viewers – more than 2 600 people from Voronezh, Irkutsk, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Perm and Saratov. For each of the seven cities will create its own version of the film, and that’s what the locals see in theaters.


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