Friday, December 26, 2014

In Moscow, opened a new building Litmuzeya – Russian newspaper

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Culture Minister Vladimir Medina on December 26 opened a new building of the State Literary Museum in Shelaputinsky Lane, a 15-minute walk from the subway station Taganskaya.

According to Sobyanin, museums today are the most active and attractive cultural institutions of Moscow. In recent years, their attendance has grown by 45% – from 4 to 7 million. Attendance in 2010 to 6.8 million. Attendance in 2014.

“Of course, the opening of a new building in Shelaputinsky Lane will be the next step Development of the Literary Museum, which did not have the modern depository. Especially on the eve of 2015, which declared the Year of literature. And, by the way, is not only the new home for the museum. A year ago, the Moscow City Government handed him another building – on Zubovsky Boulevard, 15 , p.1 “- the mayor said.

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The new building is designed to accommodate Goslitmuzeya several stock departments. That is, as explained by the museum’s director Dmitry Bak, stock materials will be made available to researchers specializing in the history of Russian literature and culture. Perhaps, over time there will be carried out and a small tour of the recording, but while this is still too early to say. Now skilled enough to provide a letter with the subject of scientific work, and specify the materials with which they want to read, to gain access to these funds.

In the first room of the museum presents exclusive audio material on which will create a unique sounding Literature Museum as part of the GLM. You can hear the voice of Leo Tolstoy and Alexander Blok, Basil Shukshina and Bella Akhmadullina and many other Russian classics.

The second room – the history of the restoration work carried out in the building in the alley Shelaputinsky, including reconstruction of the wall paintings. By the way, they want to admire and enjoy – as they are beautiful.

The third room is devoted to the presentation of the collection of autographs of Russian writers from different eras of Manuscript Goslitmuzeya. There is also a rare thing writers. For example, the cuff (remember also the famous novel “Notes on the Cuff”, all this is not fiction) autographed by Mikhail Bulgakov, where he refers to his friend. Told us the deputy director for scientific work of Alex Nevsky stock, just in a museum about 3 thousand items of writers: from portfolio Derzhavina points to Solzhenitsyn. In this room you can see the recorder Konstantin Simonov, which he slandered his notes, pipe smoking Ivan Bunin, calendar Anton Chekhov, and much more.

The fourth room given over to a collection of rare pictures that are stored in the stock department negatives and photographs . And it’s not photos writers, and pictures taken by the writers. For example, now in the room you can see footage of Michael Prishvina titled “When they beat the bells …”. This report from the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, where in January 1930 destroyed the bell end of the XVII century. Prishvin everyday shooting and wrote in his diary of everything that happens in the bell tower. The museum, as noted by Alex Nevsky, contains over 70,000 photographs, many of them are made by writers such as Julian Semyonov and Ilya Ilf. He also said that in the future, the museum plans to organize an exhibition “Writer taking pictures.” And Dmitry Buck added that the exhibition will be photographs and contemporary authors.

Finally, in the fifth hall of the exposition “The office of Alexander Vertinsky” – the first of a projected series of open storage, dedicated to the Russian literature of the twentieth century. Museum objects that belonged to the family of famous Russian actor, poet and singer Alexander Vertinsky were purchased for the State Literary Museum by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Since this room can immediately get into the hall, where the future of the collection of the Museum of sounding literature, that is the feeling that now we still Vertinsky and sing.

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The building in Shelaputinsky Lane donated to the museum in 2010. It was built in 1830-1840 years on the foundation of the chambers of the XVIII century for Savva Morozov Vasilievich – Russian businessman and philanthropist, founder of the dynasty of textile manufacturers. In the neighborhood were Morozov textile factory and Morozov hospice. At one time the lane on which stood all these buildings, also called Morozovsk. The building is an object of cultural heritage of federal importance. In the period 2012-2014,. in the building complex was completed repair and restoration work, including the restoration of unique wall paintings.


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