Wednesday, December 17, 2014

In the Ruza district near Moscow cut down the country’s main Christmas tree – Tomsk Overview

In the Ruza district of Moscow region have cut the country’s main Christmas tree. Century-old tree is ready to be sent to Moscow, where he will be installed at the Cathedral Square. It is reported Ruza24. The height of the spruce – 31 meters in diameter cutoff is 72 centimeters.

As the head of the administration Ruza district Maxim Tarhanov tree is scheduled to deliver the capital to special units on 18 December. In the Kremlin with a massive cargo transport will drive through the Spassky Gate.

«Each tree has its own destiny, a destiny and that of spruce – decorate the Cathedral Square” – said Tarhanov.

The publication notes that the Ruza district is considered one of the cleanest in the suburbs. Kremlin Christmas tree is healthy tree is infected bark beetle and resistant to freezing weather.


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