Monday, December 22, 2014

Kinoretsenzii: new “The Hobbit” – a successful attempt to “cut the dough” from Jackson – Progorod Samara

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a bit late, but still regular reviewer went to the last film “The Hobbit” with the subtitle “Battle of Five Armies.” To long walk vorkrug and around – new blockbuster did not like. Yes, it is the same Peter Jackson and all the same beautiful film, but the viewing experience crumpled. As if you were given the chewed candy and give her fresh.

The first two films were good, , though they had a lot of ad-libbing. In the third part of it reached its peak. On good, it was necessary to limit the epic two films (as, incidentally, was originally intended ), but the thirst for gold overthrew Jackson and the producers are not worse underground treasures. Funny, but the director as shown in Thorin himself.

The most spectacular part of the film – a fight with Smaug ( that was by the cut out of the second part ). Then begins some conversational genre fantasy about an hour and a half, during which we must delve into the scandals, intrigue, investigation of Middle-earth. And no brainer that it’s over with surfeiting before the common enemy. Then you will about an hour supersaturated action and epic battles.

They are made with high quality and quite a spectacular (although somewhat “soapy” ), but for some reason on this terribly tired already played on 15. At the end of the film we are waiting for the classic “piano in the bushes”, which was ashamed to even first-year student. Though I must pay tribute to the director, that through the characters he even postebalsya over such plot progress. The attentive viewer will come to the session with a bunch of questions to the story, about some important points completely forgotten, so the first half hour of the film basically does not need. Thus in “The Hobbit” is a bunch of unnecessary and unimportant to the plot points with reference to the classic “Lord of the Rings”, but no important scenes. Therefore, it seems that all this promptly inserted into the film for stretching the timing.

As for the sound, music, acting and other things – no complaints, it is still Peter Jackson. See all very cool, especially wonder why all these battles look so boring.

VERDICT: «The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” – a quality and entertaining film in the style of Peter Jackson, so much then you can then close your eyes. But after the session is still out of my head is not the feeling that we have been cheated. The main problem of the film is that it does not have to shoot. Producers and Jackson hit the most “dragon disease” from the movie. And it worked, because with such an army of fans of “The Hobbit” could not fail at the box office.

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