Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Memory of Joe Cocker – Bulletin

The singer became famous in two seemingly mutually exclusive strands

Joe Cocker, one of the founders of « rock for adults”, died of lung cancer at the 71 th year of life.

He became famous for the first two glance mutually exclusive, and in fact one of the following other guises. First ?? vsklochenny young rock rebel in psychedelic shirt with whiskers and cause sleepwalking gestures. The second ?? dressed all in black respectable middle-aged gentleman with gray stubble all over his head, and fun in the eyes of wisdom.

The first image is inextricably linked to the performance of the brightest 25-year-old Joe in 1969 at Woodstock, who became a symbol of the sign of the festival . Coker managed to express in his rethinking Beatles With A Little Help From My Friends the essence of rock culture: take cute simple little ditty ( is not whose important) and extremely ecstatic, dramatically accelerates the performance of the individual simply to the heights of Beethoven’s Ode « to Joy.” At the same time striking ( and ears), and that the singer and instrumentalists sometimes fall out of the music and only heavy rhythm section keeps the madness under control.

About the same can be said about fifteen years after Woodstock Cocker life ?? he recorded the successful album in happily found an affected manner, spent huge touring, more like wandering mass drinking, then could a year and a half to hide in his native Sheffield to recover and start all over again.

In the second and final incarnation of his Cocker actualized in 1986, when he was a little-known version of the song in 1972 You Can Leave Your Hat On became the basis of seduction striptease scene in the film « 9½ Weeks.” From that moment until his death, Cocker became an icon and a standard « adult music” ?? mature man in appearance and voice is a good feeling that he has something to remember ( N ?? oubliez jamais! « Never forget!” he exclaims ?? in 1997 in the movie with Catherine Deneuve), but that is optimistic and always ready they share. Russian listeners can appreciate sincere generosity Cocker repeatedly ?? and used this opportunity with gratitude.


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