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Mikhail Boyarsky turned 65 – Russian newspaper

Today, Teodoro, D’Artagnan, Inspector Lestrade, Captain Long Stocking, cat Matthew, Mosiah Shiloh – in short, People’s Artist of Russia Mikhail Boyarsky 65 years old. In a conversation with a columnist of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Mikhail Sergeyevich remembered youth, praised modern cinema, spoke about the traditions of his family and to reflect on the ensuing age.

The first mustache

I was only five years old, we lived in Leningrad, in five of six-meter room. Near our house built on a potter’s school – instead bombed during the siege. This building has been in place for the kids playground – we climbed on cranes, running on unfinished floors, leaping down the stairs, wondering was insane. We drove, we fled – but one worker still managed to catch me once. He squeezed between my knees, that I did not run away, took a finger and oil painted me a mustache. I escaped, ran to her – and they laugh at me! Home mom gasoline barely Otterlo my lip, lip then long sick – but that working then we have not found.

A real mustache I had when The Beatles released the album “Lonely Hearts Club Sgt Pepper” and appeared on its cover in uniform and mustache. A lot of guys then released his mustache – and I’m a fan of “The Beatles”, since a mustache too.

D’Artagnan, instead of Hamlet

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Since the late seventies, I first of all “D’Artagnan All Russia” – to the public, but not for himself. I’m here at all to do with it – it’s all to do with mankind. Dumas wrote in the nineteenth century, “The Three Musketeers” – D’Artagnan and became one of the principal persons of cinema and theater. As part of the popularity of it, I think, and compares Hamlet, the hero of Dumas love more and embodied incomparably more. D’Artagnan is eternal, like the Mona Lisa.

Personally, for me, internally, this role had no effect, played and went on – maybe only a mustache and hat from that time remained. But from the audience at parties until now only hear d’artanyanovskoe – “channels”, “thousand devils”, “France is in danger!” and still is lingering, remember – “ni-ni-puppy!”.

And what’s interesting – the three musketeers we still believe not only in Russia – in the past year Smirnitskiy and laughter went to the opening of Gascony monument to the heroes of Dumas, and my great-niece of D’Artagnan in St. Petersburg gave me an instrument of acceptance in the musketeers – and even gave Musketeer sling!

Movie modern and former

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I guess I’m a conservative. I sometimes buy at the store for 10-15 discs, look for insomnia at night these movies, and I was there little touches. Current – both domestic and foreign films – for me not fall into any one genre definition. They often do not name a comedy nor tragedy, they are optional, the characters do one thing today, another tomorrow, go to the shop, sauna, hairdresser, buying potatoes – it is rather translated into film notebook, nothing more. And life is reflected in them too indirectly, not on the merits.

Remember “Seventeen Moments of Spring”, when a German officer in the coupe delivers a monologue – Gritsenko also penetrates into the skin of the person so that you can see right through him, Log in in his life, you begin to look at the time of his eyes! And today would average filmmaker has made it so – leaves, sleepers, semaphores, conductor, tea, ring on his finger – a lot of superfluous, and there are not. Today the film – a goal, not a means, it used its purpose was to convey to the viewer the feeling engender thoughts, emotions. And today it is why? To earn?

But – “Hipsters” starring my son-in Maxim Matveev, in its genre is very good, all there competently played cute – but does not touch the heart! “Circus”, “Jolly Fellows” is still better, the child in her arms the main character still recalls that people are merciful, good triumphs over evil … And the music there – a thousand times better!

Root role

I do not like the idea of ​​filming in the 125th version of “Sherlock Holmes,” which put Andrew Kavun, but I still agreed: a classic, not Sidorov or Petukhov, and Conan Doyle. Lestrade – albeit comical character, silly, if not D’Artagnan, but still painted by the artist.

Now, I’m glad that I took part in this film: Inspector in the interpretation Kavun and my performance has turned martinet, love the power, the Queen and the Constitution, it all should be so, and not otherwise. But he lives in England, and a martinet a hundred can not be, the atmosphere of this country affects all.

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It is much shorter than was the role of Mosiah Shiloh in the film Bortko “Taras Bulba” – but it was already present, meat, flesh, blood, and let the director gave me only an episode, and my lines fit on two typewritten pages. The main role – it is difficult, even if it gives you the opportunity to express themselves, to do the same visibility of small – too interesting, you focus on the character, to devise a minimum of something, maybe not in the script. Especially that “Taras Bulba” – from school my favorite book! Boyars, by the way, from western Ukraine, my great-grandfather Ivan was Segenyuk psalmist, lived near the town of Hill, married an impoverished Polish noblewoman of the genus Boyarskikh. So Shiloh grew out of my roots.

The family – a rod

My two-year-grandson when eating makes me play guitar, sing, jump, bunny, wolf, read books – and I’m happy to do it. He is an intelligent man, to me it away. But there were moments in our life when I had to explain to Lisa that in the first place for a woman – a family that I knew of the great actresses, at the end of life kicking themselves that refused to motherhood. Nothing worse than to remain without children, and do not submit!

But I myself began to understand that not so long ago. Earlier, in the 80-90th feeling earner, I worked day and night, forgetting about everything – and do not regret it, so the fate turned, and fate, I’m going to heaven. Now for me the main family tree with toys removed, remained barrel rod – and that’s all we have, Lara, children and grandchildren.

Lisa – my love, she is talented, interesting me, and I am glad of it. Maxim – a great start in theater, film, I think, soon it will be a very popular artist. Lisa and Maxim own life, which runs between Moscow and St. Petersburg, their work is very different from mine, concert, they have their own relationship with America, with Hollywood, with Kama Ginkas, Lev Dodin, producers around them, press attaché, commercial director … I will not enter into their professional reality as they – in my.


I do not fit in today’s time and do not try to please him. Autumn at the person must go through and turn into winter, do not need to rearrange the seasons and appear all the time in the spring.

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I believe that in every age need to occupy a niche that corresponds to it. Why do I need to be modern – what then will do really modern humans? I am the master of its territory, its corresponding fact, under the new laws do not adjust to, I have their own laws, I do not inspire any rap or hip-hop, I wonder Chekhov, Tolstoy, Rachmaninoff – that’s what I understand. I smoke where I want, I put on my convenience, not as fashionable, eat healthy food, do not Tattoos – like the people around me, my family, friends, actors with whom I feel comfortable, there is something to talk about, from Alice Freundlich to Sergei Migitsko. They are getting smaller, our generation, alas, showered and points of contact with reality I have is getting smaller. And those who are younger than me – apart from my family, of course! – I tell the truth, not very much and need.

As for the anniversary – that we are all as one, can not bear anniversaries and all holidays, including New Year’s Eve. Going to those who can come, in fact, who should be congratulated – children, grandchildren, we Larissa. Hooray, memory-bar-bam, congratulations – and, on this anniversary of the end. And without any feasts.

By the way

Over the years, I found a thing and stopped to suffer about everyday things. It is only necessary to understand that all of this – clothes, food, apartment, family squabbles – by and large, things to do with essentially no life, life is too short to be upset on these occasions. People and lived in a barrel – and were engaged only in that looked close to a human. Be smart! Look around yourself just like you!


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