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Minsk hosted a meeting on the situation in eastern Ukraine – BBC Russian

  • December 24, 2014


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The negotiators decided not to talk to the media

In the closed to the media format of the evening of 24 December, Minsk hosted a regular meeting of the tripartite contact group to resolve the situation in the east of Ukraine.

The negotiations culminated in the contact group at half past ten nights without Posts of the arrangements and the subject matter of fact the conversation.

Before the meeting, the representatives of the separatists said that the negotiators plan to harmonize only a matter of an exchange of prisoners, and no specific decisions on other issues, they do not wait.

About 17 pm local time in the yard receptions drove the car with the participants of the current round of negotiations in Minsk.

Reporters waiting more than two hours is possible to update the subject of the present discussion, are left with nothing: the negotiators, as well as warned on the eve of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, this time we will do without the press.

After another hour or so, when a dank December rain waited for news only the most patient of the journalists on the windows Reception House lowered the curtain.

What’s on the agenda?

It is known that in the negotiation process involved the official representative of the OSCE on the settlement of the situation in Ukraine Heidi Tagliavini, former President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov. Separatist movements in the eastern regions of Ukraine are Denis Pushilin (DNI) and Vladislav Dane (LC).

One of the reporters saw that in the Reception House also came after Russia and Ukraine in Belarus.

On the eve of the current round of negotiations, judging by the statements of the participants, the agenda of the discussion has not been finally determined.

The OSCE Representative Heidi Tagliavini informed journalists that in Minsk re going to talk about a cease-fire the warring parties, withdrawal of all parties heavy equipment from the so-called “line of separation” prisoner exchange “all for all”.

relevant, according to Tagliavini, and the problem of delivery of humanitarian supplies to the territory controlled by the militia to prevent a humanitarian disaster.

Minsk again intended to talk about a cease-fire the warring parties in eastern Ukraine

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said yesterday that the main issue of discussion will be the implementation of the previously reached agreements in Minsk.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday stressed that than ever before, these arrangements will be made, the faster the Ukrainian government will be able to regain control of the Donbass region and to cope with the humanitarian disaster.

According to Yatsenyuk, a humanitarian disaster in the territories beyond the control of the Ukrainian authorities is related only to the fact that Russia does not fulfill Minsk protocol. “We do not have access to areas in the Donbass”, – said Ukrainian Prime Minister.

Representatives of separatists on the eve of the meeting in Minsk declared that they would insist on the inclusion in the agenda of the talks discussion of the law on the special status of Donbass and amnesty.

The urgency of the issue of prisoner exchange does not cast doubt on the warring parties in Ukraine and their representative positions negotiators in Minsk.

According to the Security Service of Ukraine on December 23, 1351 released from captivity citizen Ukraine, but hundreds more are held by separatists.

“SBU concluded the feasibility of non-standard moves and techniques to achieve the main thing – the release of these people before Christmas,” – said in a statement released by the SBU in the Tuesday, December 23 .

Behind closed doors

In order to implement this plan in the working group dealing with the exchange of prisoners was included Viktor Medvedchuk, according to the SBU.

The leader of the public organization “Ukrainian choice”, the politician Viktor Medvedchuk also known as the godfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Russian and Ukrainian tabloids baptized daughter Medvedchuk.

In the late evening, when the Catholic and Protestant churches Belarus went Christmas worship, the local official television channels showed footage just arriving at dusk to the House receptions vehicles with negotiators.

What happens behind closed doors and curtained windows of the building – is unknown.

previously announced that the talks in Minsk will last until December 26 – 25th in Belarus mnogokonfessionnoy day on the occasion of Christmas.

Moscow for talks is Russia’s Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov

Negotiations contact group to resolve the situation in the east of Ukraine are held in Minsk for the fourth time.

The first meeting was held on July 31 at the residence “Zaslavl” near Minsk. In the “President Hotel” in the center of Minsk on September 5 was agreed peace plan and agreed on a cease-fire.

After two weeks (the talks ended on the night of September 20), adopted a memorandum defining a mechanism for introducing and maintaining the ceasefire. The document, in particular, include a ban on the use of all types of weapons and the removal of the contact line of 15 km on each side of weapons with a caliber exceeding 100 mm. Control over the implementation of the memorandum had been entrusted to the OSCE.

Minsk memorandum, however, is not executed warring parties in Ukraine in full. In the collapse of a deal sides accuse each other periodically.


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