Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Putin asked “not to dig in the papers,” the foundations of cultural policy of Russia –

Fundamentals of state cultural policy a special Presidential Council developed throughout the year. According to the president, now there is a radical change of priorities in public policy in this area. The document was a public discussion and reflects the attitude of the culture as a public good, historical heritage and values.

Vladimir Putin , President of the Russian Federation: “At the forefront processes of education of citizens, especially children and youth. Increased attention to their spiritual, creative development, patriotism, as well as the creation of the whole territory of Russia quality cultural environment, availability of cultural goods of equal conditions for creative work. < /P>

Culture should be a natural regulator of life, the president said. It should define the behavior of the people related to family, country, education of children. At the same time Putin urged to avoid the culture of indoctrination and emphasized creative freedom.

This year, the Year of Culture across the country have been renovated dozens of theaters and museums, open new ones. Three billion rubles were directed to the reconstruction of cultural institutions in rural areas. However, the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina complained that in difficult economic times Culture is the first under the knife of budget expenditures. Especially at the regional level.

On the program of cultural policy require more than one year, the president. It is important “not to dig in the papers”, “Putin said. The problem of bureaucracy and care about themselves cultural figures.

Alexander Sokurov , People’s Artist of Russia: “Will the President all this bureaucratic command to deploy and get her to look at this view on life culture in the country ? Will the president to convince everyone that culture ?? this is the main purpose of existence of the state? I have great doubts, because the bureaucracy our experienced and very heavy ».

At the end of the meeting of the State Council President warned that the end of the Year of Culture in Russia does not mean that this topic is falling by the wayside on the agenda. On the contrary, the implementation strategy of cultural policy will require more effort.

Details ?? in the video NTV correspondent Yegor Kolyvanova .


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