Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sensation! In Moscow, opened the first museum of art deco exhibition of the collection Mkrtich Okroyan – Softcraze

show Yesterday in Moscow, opened the first Russian museum of Art Deco. Author and performer of the idea of ​​creating a private museum is a well-known collector and owner of the world’s most famous collections of furniture, sculptures arts and crafts Art Deco era Mkrtich Okroyan. Collector and building for his museum took an old, with a very interesting history, before there was located the Imperial Mint. Area Museum 2tysyachi square meters.
Mkrtich Okroyan famous collector and owner of the world famous collection in the Art Deco style. This collection is not only the largest in Russia, it is the world’s largest private collection in this beautiful and is gaining popularity now style.
Mkrtich Okroyan wrote a book, which he dedicated to his beloved art direction in “Sculpture Art Deco: sources and flourishing ».
in a collection of works by such famous artists as Dmitry Chiparus, Edgar Brandt, Ferdinand Preiss, Jean Dunand, Paul Follo and many other talented authors. Well as many works of famous furniture Jacques-Emile Ryulman Jules Lelё Paul Follo, Louis Sue, Andre Mar and others.
Okroyan many years carries collections around the world giving people the opportunity to get acquainted with the beautiful. One of the exhibition was organized for the 100th anniversary of Diaghilev’s seasons house Sotheby’s in Paris, the exhibition in Salamanca at the Museum “Art Nouveau and Art Deco».
Exhibition is divided into three parts: it’s furniture, sculpture and painting. Furniture and sculpture exhibition presented n the most complete and bright. The exhibition – a lot of furniture, lamps, wrought many lamps, various consoles and other items. Only pieces of furniture on display more than 500 pieces.
Beginning of the collection was the purchase at the end of the 90s small figurines sculpture Paul Philippe – the girl, holding a parrot.
Mkrtich Okroyan says that he likes the style Art Deco “For tactility, style, for beauty. Art Deco – is an absolute plastic. It is also a material, expensive, texture. It is also a feeling. And yet I love art deco for a taste for simple and clean forms of refinement, for impeccable technique. »
Open for visitors on December 23.
Address exhibition. Moscow, Luzhnetskaya embankment, 2/4 p. 4

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