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Show “The Voice” has chosen a winner – Dni.Ru

The contestants performed one more solo songs, after which the audience chose the winner project. According to the results of audience voting, which was attended by 1.2 million people – is Alexander Vorobiev from the team of Alexander Gradsky wards which gained the upper hand in the two previous projects.

Alexander Vorobyov. Frame

The final of the third season of the television project “The Voice” was completed late in the evening on December 26 in the air of the First Channel. The winner of the show at the end of SMS-voting viewers became Alexander Vorobiev .

For the victory this evening with Vorobevoj fought three other participants in the project – Alexander Bohn, Mariam Merabova and Jaroslav drones. Each of them sang a song in a duet with his mentor and one solo song. Then the audience with the help of SMS-voting determined the top three finalists, which included Alexander Bohn, Jaroslav Drones and Alexander Vorobiev. Contestants will perform one more solo songs, after which the audience chose the winner of the project.

Alexander Vorobiev 25 years. She graduated from the Academy Gnesinyh class of pop-jazz vocals. Plays the piano and percussion instruments. Mentor singer in the project was Alexander Gradsky , which became the best students in the first two seasons of the project.

However, in the final Gradsky Alexander Vorobyov performed the song “Favorite , sleep! ” on poems of Yevgeny Yevtushenko. And then came on stage with the song “Swan fidelity” to the verses Andrew Dementieva and a medley of famous melodies of the legendary musical “Phantom of the Opera.” As a result, the singer voted 55.4% of viewers, TASS.

Vorobyov noted that when held “blind listening” did not think that someone from the teachers turn to her. “For me, it was the first audition in my life. It was very exciting and scary,” – she said. She added that since the beginning Alexander Gradsky advised her to “be yourself and do not be a coward,” and it really helped her during participation in the project. Asked about his future plans winner said that she wants to sleep off.

It is worth noting that before the third season of “The Voice” to the management of the project has received more than 13,000 applications from singers. 150 people were admitted to the first stage – “blind auditions.” After their mentors – Alexander Gradsky, Dima Bilan, Pelagia and Leonid Agutin – left the project 56 performers.


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