Thursday, December 25, 2014

The film “Interview” appeared on Russian torrent trackers –

The film “Interview”, which tells about the attempt on the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un, appeared on Russian torrent trackers a few hours after its premiere on the Internet. The information was published on several network resources, for example, such as,, and

According to the information on the websites, the picture on the time of writing Notes downloaded already more than a hundred times. Legally “Interview” now can be viewed on a special website, but the film is available only to residents of the United States. Online session costs 5.99 dollars.

According to RIA Novosti, the legal network and online cinema Russia expressed interest in the tape, but has not yet received any proposals from Sony. “The film is not likely to appear soon in the legal theaters. However, for the US market is a very interesting precedent – the premiere of the Internet simultaneously with the premiere in theaters. We will monitor the reaction of the public, the project is certainly interesting, “- quoted by the Director of Marketing Communications online cinema Anton Shestakov.

On the eve of December 24, it was announced that Sony Pictures is going to place tape on the video service YouTube. Previously stated that “interview” will be shown in more than 300 independent American cinema.

Shortly before the premiere of the tape in New York December 18, 2014 the film company received threats from unknown to arrange a terrorist attack during the session – the show had to be canceled. Following the leading US movie theaters refused to show “Interview”. The day before the Internet came a fragment of the tape – the scene of the death of Kim Jong-un. Materials “Interview” were completely stolen by hackers during cyber attacks on Sony Pictures in late November.

Starring in the movie performed by James Franco (“Spider-Man”, “Milk”) and Seth Rogen (“Green Hornet “). In the story, the two presenters have the opportunity to interview Kim Jong Un, however, before a trip to North Korea are admitted into the ranks of the security services, then they get the order to kill the leader of North Korea.


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