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The film is about the abomination of life in Russia was shortlisted for the “Oscar» –

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The film is about the abomination of life in Russia was shortlisted for the “Oscar»

The short-list Academy Award in the category ” Best foreign language film “entered reel of film by Russian director Andrei Zvyagintsev’s” Leviathan ».

Just a published list – nine paintings. For the award also claimed the Argentine film “Wild stories» (Wild Tales) Damian Stsifrona, Estonian film “Tangerines» (Tangerines) Zaza Urushadze, Georgian film “Corn Island» (Corn Island) George Ovashvili, Moorish film “Timbuktu” (Timbuktu) Abderrahmane Sissako, Dutch film “The accused» (Accused) Paula van der Oeste, Polish film “Ida» (Ida) Pavel Pawlikowski, Swedish film “Force Majeure» (Force Majeure) Ruben Ostlund and Venezuelan film “The Liberator» (The Liberator) Alberto Arvelo.

The short list was formed by 15 December, his training took two months. Several hundred members of the Academy have created a list of the six best, in their opinion, the paintings, which added three positions on the executive committee of the Academy for Foreign Language Film. After the announcement of nominees for Academy members will begin the final choice.

Announcement of the winners of the 87th “Oscar” will be held February 22, 2015. Earlier, on January 15, will be announced the list of nominees.

November 23 the film “Leviathan” won the grand prize, the “Golden Frog” at the international festival of art kinooperatorskogo Camerimage. Before this film was awarded the prize for best screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as the main awards film festivals in Munich and London. In the Russian hire picture due out in February 2015.

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