Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The new leader of the US box office was the biblical epic Ridley Scott – Bulletin

A dozen leaders rolled earned only slightly more than last week ?? $ 77,690,000 compared to $ 70,240,000. Month thus became one of the worst for the American film business Decembers in recent years.

Although the early to draw final conclusions, because America was not yet « The Hobbit. Battle of Five Armies “, which has already collected around the world $ 117.6 million. Most of the cashier brought Germany ( $ 19 5 million). Followed by the UK ( $ 15,15 mn), France ( $ 14,5 mn) and Russia, which has never shone upon the skyscraper « Moscow-City “man-made « The Eye of Sauron “, but viewers still brought in cinemas $ 13.4 million, ahead of cool, for example, Brazilians, who are the next number with $ 6.9 million. On Thursday, the « The Hobbit. Battle of Five Armies “will appear on the screens of the United States.

In the meantime, there reigns epic Ridley Scott « Exodus. Gods and Kings “that Russian readers are not supposed to tell ?? critics signed embargo ( and then suddenly came loose from the Old Testament story!). But what kind of reign ?? from $ 24.5 million at the start? In « Noah” Darren Aronofsky was more nearly $ 20 million. Although the case and that the December releases traditionally start in America is difficult. « The Chronicles of Narnia. Dawn Treader “in 2010, raised $ 24 million, « The Golden Compass “in 2007 ?? $ 25.8 million. « The Hobbit,” also begins a journe y in December, in this sense, of course, does not count: the first film of the trilogy earned at the start of $ 84,610,000, the second ?? $ 73.64 million.

Perhaps bury « Exodus” early: the third example « of Narnia” shows how the total box office can depend on the following weeks. If the speaker fees « Exodus” will be similar to the final rental you can expect approximately $ 101 million. But if you like « The Golden Compass” ?? is less than $ 70 million. The sad outcome likely: Ridley Scott took criticism very badly ( 27% of all accolades on the aggregator Rotten Tomatoes) and a very cool ?? public ( B score on a scale CinemaScore).

The changes in the rest of the rolling table marginally from first moved down to second place at last « The Hunger Games. Mockingjay “, from second to third ?? « The Penguins of Madagascar. ” And only a quarter wedged new ?? Chris Rock comedy « Top 5″ with him in the lead role as ( $ 7,2 m). A little fun at the end of ten: expanding rental to 166 cinemas here snuck « Wild” ?? Based on a true story drama about a former drug addict who, to return to a normal life, went on foot through the mountains about 2,000 km. Played the heroine and produced the film, Reese Witherspoon, and congratulations on $ 1.55 million of fees must first of all it. Encou raged by the success studio Fox Searchlight has already announced that by the end of the week will raise the number of cinemas at least 850.

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