Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The staff of the Donetsk Opera House received three thousand. Rubles Tsarevo – Russian Dialogue

On behalf of the Speaker of the Parliament of New Russia Oleg Tsarev on the stage of the Donetsk National Opera and Ballet Theatre was awarded a money order $ 1 000 000 theater director Yevgeny Denisenko.

This Tsarev wrote in his post on the page in LiveJournal.

The money, as emphasized by Evgeny, who donated the staff of the theater world-famous opera singer, People’s Artist of Russia, laureate of the State Prize, member of the 3rd International Cultural Forum Anna Netrebko will go to a good cause.

The lion’s share – financial assistance to the staff of the theater, a small part – to restore the destroyed shelling scenery, the remaining funds – for the purchase of medicines for the artists.

Labor the theater is going through difficult times, the pain told MPs Novorossia Irina Popova, Alexander Kolesnik, Oksana Bevtsyk.

Irina Popova led two facts that eloquently about the situation in which there are collective. The first – the theater was practically no hard scenery, warehouse, which is located near the airport, fully sgorel.Vtoroy – artists are forced to submit to public transport certificate that they are working in the theater and lecture salary. And with all of this they go on stage to support the viewer, help to survive, to survive.

The leading actors of the theater – Honored Artist of Ukraine, laureate of Shevchenko Tatyana Plekhanov, laureate of international competitions Eugene Udovin on behalf of all the creative workshops DONBASS OPERA thanked Anna Netrebko for her heart and such humane act towards their colleagues. For the fact that she was involved in a marathon creativity Slavic people, marathon world. Thank you Anna Netrebko for the money, which she forwarded, thank Joseph Kobzon for what he brought medicines, Ivan Okhlobystin for humanitarian aid, says the artist. They help us to stay on the front lines, and our front today – it’s our scene with which we, in turn, have the opportunity to carry our kindness, warmth viewers.

With the encouragement of community theater has addressed the Minister of Culture Alexander DNR Paretsky. Director of Donetsk National Opera and Ballet Theatre Eugene Denisenko, taking from the hands of a member of parliament of New Russia Irina Popova coveted certificate, emphasized:

– Our theater will never advocate the evil of war, and we were going to play on the side of the world. In this we agree with the Speaker of the Parliament of New Russia Oleg Tsarev. Allow myself on behalf of our great team to thank Oleg for the care he takes with respect to cultural workers. And taking from the hands of the representative Oleg Tsarev help we gave Anna Netrebko, I want to express my gratitude to everyone who supports us in such a difficult time.

Also, the fact of the money is confirmed by the employees themselves opera house.

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