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The state will not leave culture in crisis – News

The state does not leave a culture in crisis

Press and Information Office of the President of Russia / kremlin.ruSovmestnoe meeting of the State Council and the Council for Culture and the Arts.

In the Kremlin in the date of the approval of the Fundamentals of state cultural policy, a joint meeting of the State Council and the Presidential Council for Culture. Among the priorities – cultural education and patriotic education of youth. To implement the received document will be created Development Fund for Culture. It is also planned to strengthen public-private partnership and sponsorship.

President Vladimir Putin has promised not to allow cultural isolation of Russia and promised that the cultural space is not strictly conservative, and will remain open to modern trends.

– No, no authority has the right to dictate to an artist, writer, director, yes, indeed, to any person their will and their own ideas about what to do and how to be creatively gifted people. Often they see in a new way, in their own way what was considered once unacceptable, and today is considered a model. Of course, of course, need to take into account the fact that today our society has a moral inquiry to all those involved in cultural activities. He explained, because often creative freedom turns psevdokulturnymi substitutes, just chasing in order to earn more money – the president outlined his position.

The head of state governors pointed to the need for the development of domestic tourism and suggested create brands like “Golden Ring”, in the North-West of Russia, Siberia and the Far East.

The head of the Moscow region, Andrei Vorobyov suggested that part of the proceeds from the sale of alcohol and tobacco products direct to culture .

The other measure of financial support offered to the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina – guide for cultural development funds from state lotteries. At the same time, the head of the Ministry of Culture immediately complained to cut funding.

– In 2015, we, in this regard nedodayut, compared with the originally scheduled, one-third of funds – four billion rubles. We will work around the clock and in any case the right, but does not mention it, I can not – cited figures Vladimir Medina.

According to the minister, in recent years the income of cultural institutions increased by 25% and wages of employees – by 55% since 2012.

President’s Advisor for Culture Vladimir Tolstoy assured “Izvestia” that the reduction of funding may be refused on a number of projects, but it is impossible to wage cuts employees culture.

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky before the meeting had to give Putin a small booklet, which he himself and made. Thin book is a dictionary of modern foreign borrowing, which could be replaced by Russian words. Putin thumbed booklet and ideas Zhirinovsky supported.

– It is necessary to avoid excessive romanization. Sometimes you come into town, immediately visible level of culture of local officials. All names in the Latin alphabet. We live in a country, then? Everything is good in moderation – he said, flipping through a brochure, Vladimir Putin.

At the same time, the president criticized some of the proposals of Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the literary field. So Zhirinovsky offered all loanwords replace those originally Russian parliamentarian said. The President did not agree with the proposal to abandon the “genius” in favor of “talent.” According to the President, it is not absolute synonyms, and besides, the word “talent”, according to its mention in the New Testament, comes from the language of one of the Semitic tribes, meaning and coins, and a measure of weight.
“Metro can change, of course,” subway “, but the French did not change the” bistro “with” cafe “is simple. There are any things stand, – said the head of state. – Although in general, I think, that Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Zhirinovsky) rights, and we need to treat it more seriously and attentively “.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky also suggested how to avert the Russians from thinking about emigration – on television need to” show wretchedness life “of immigrants.

– One of the main problems that we are with you as soon as possible from the left
various forms of indoctrination of our history and our culture. At each stage of development of the state were positive and the dark side. We must impartially investigate it, look at it through the eyes of modern man, and use it to nothing prevented us from going forward. And Solzhenitsyn, and Turgenev were considerable time abroad. But Solzhenitsyn is not of his own volition, and Turgenev in the cold season to leave loved warmer climes. And here there is nothing, – said the president.

The head of state promised that after the end of the Year for the Culture authorities will pay serious attention to the cultural life of the country.


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