Friday, December 26, 2014

The winner of the show “The Voice” Alexander Vorobyov: “Before ether hardly slept” – TVNZ

Some might say that is predictable. Too confident gait Alexander doshagala the final project. Too professionally performed each song, too powerful voice leaves no chance rivals. But no. Vorobevoj gap from the nearest pursuer Yaroslav Dronova was about 10%. That is, on a thin. Still, victory! For the first three seasons of “Voices” congratulate the winner came CEO of Channel One Konstantin Ernst. Leaving the scene, Sasha could hardly speak …

– Alexander, congratulations! How does it feel? Realize what happened?

– Thank you very much! Of course, did not expect such a result. When the numbers run behind me, I did not see, do not follow. Then he turned around and did not believe it. Everyone clapped, and I thought, “What happened?” (Grabs his head).

– Long rehearsed a quick change?

– Not really. I was afraid to stumble, to cling to the dress, tearing it (laughs), but, thank God, everything worked out.

– In the hall you applauded poet Andrei Dementyev, a song on the verses you sing . Do you know?

– Yes, we’ve seen. It was very exciting to speak, knowing that the author looks at me. Worried whether he will like my number. But I seem to be handled. After the speech, he came over and shook my hand and said: “Well done».

– What did Alexander Borisovich after the speech?

– I’m up to it had not yet reached.

– A to?

– The main thing, he said, believe in yourself and do not be afraid!

– What is the most difficult thing was given today?

– to collect his thoughts. Such excitement, attention, audience, live. All this is very distracting and causes the heart to jump out of the chest. Issue that we did in rehearsals and dress rehearsal, it was extremely difficult.

– The night before the ether was able to fall asleep?

– It was possible, but only a few hours. I thought about the song. More precisely, the three songs that have to fulfill.

– Three years of your sufferings, because you tried to get another first “Voices”, completed. Which now wants – to jump into the pool, wake up to the New Year, go celebrate?

– Emotions unrealistic. But, first, I want to thank everyone who voted for me, who sent SMS, who experienced and suffered that night. And secondly, of course, I want to sleep (laughs).

– Parents are rooting for you?

– And how! Ether before we phoned and they told me less nervous. And believe in yourself.

– What stage of the project was the most difficult for you?

– Each of them was Therefore its complex. And just from the tension grew times, emotions and forces took more and more. Someone felt more confident, and I live in each was incredibly difficult to cope with anxiety. I think this is the most difficult problem for me.

– In the New Year in Bali or the Crimea?

– We Pasha (the singer is engaged to Paul Shvetsov, who became her concert director, and planning a wedding in the summer – Ed.) certainly discuss both options. And a good rest. But spend a festive night with his parents in Engels. Happy New Year!


1 200 000 messages have been taken during the vote in the final

47% of the total the number of spectators that evening watched “The Voice»

55,4% percent of the vote won by Alexander Vorobyev

44,6% percent of the votes scored Jaroslav Drones

3 times the show won Oleksandr Gradsky

  “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Vela online broadcast FINAL SHOW “THE VOICE”


  Pope Alexander Vorobiev about winning the “voice”: My daughter met all our expectations!

 High-rise building in the heart of Engels. We go up to the fourth floor. On the door on us with a huge poster looks striking blonde Alexander Vorobyov. And the TV screen to support the finalist show “The Voice” gathered all the relatives and friends. Joined them and correspondents “Komsomolskaya Pravda».

 Right in the middle of the room on a large selection of Whatman paper hanging baby pictures, and in the middle of someone gently withdrew, “Sasha №1» (read more)


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