Friday, December 26, 2014

The winner of the show “The Voice” was Alexander Vorobyov from Engels – News Saratov province

27.12.2014 07:02

Alexander Vorobyov resident Engels became the winner of the third season of television First Channel show “The Voice».

The final match of the unique best singers of Russia took place in absolute voltage. The first of the contenders to win the show left Merabova Mariam, who previously won the hearts of viewers a unique rendition of the song on the poems of Marina Tsvetaeva’s “Requiem».
Then came down from the stage originally performed the song in the final Zemfira “ripe” Alexander Bon.

The main rival Vorobevoj – Jaroslav Drones – from the first minute conquered the audience, singing Russian folk song “Not for you.” His voice could not remain indifferent thousands of fans, with the First Channel said that casting for the project show Alexander Vorobyov successfully passed with this song.

In the final, she sang a duet Sasha with his mentor Alexander Gradsky song “Darling, sleep, “her second song was the legendary” Swan fidelity “, at the end of voting pokrovchanka performed” Phantom of the Opera ».

As a result, the scene in the final voting ward agreed Pelagia Jaroslav Drones and Alexander Vorobiev. For her, the audience gave 55.4% of the votes for her opponent – 44,6%.
Sasha thanked all the spectators and repeated “Swan fidelity”, which this time was performed as previously flawlessly, but more quietly.


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