Monday, December 29, 2014

“Theatre.doc” found new premises, it is necessary to recover from an emergency condition –

Moscow theater documentary play “Theatre.doc”, forced to because of the decision of the Moscow authorities to leave the house in Tryokhprudny Lane, where it was located since 2002, moved to a new location.

The new building – a wing of the estate Savigny-Zakrevsky 1777 buildings on the street Spartakovskaya, 3, page 3. As reported in its Facebook theater director Elena Gremina, “destroyed everything inside the historical, there were only walls and facade.”

“No, we are not the room” gave “themselves looking for, with the help of our viewers found themselves, rented themselves – as you can, in fact, anyone – you will pay,” – said Gremina.

December 27 theater Saturday arranged for clearing the premises. “Today, I had hoped that the new dock on Razgulyai I ever fall in love. Once you were working today. Love creates love. Thank you, my friends,” – wrote Gremina after Saturday.

“The work there is to restore the sea, how much money should be unthinkable. But it’s not insurmountable. The theater can not be closed. Because we are not afraid!” – Wrote on Facebook chief director of “Teatra.doc” Mikhail Ugarov , by publishing the first version of the internal structure of the new premises of the theater.

Recall that in mid-December, the theater announced fundraising on the Internet at kraudfandingovom resource , to continue.

In 2015, in terms of “Teatra.doc” four interactive performance: “The dispute of two saints. St. Joseph of Volokolamsk vs St. Nilus of Sora,” “Eats, Blogs”, “The King and his servant. Running or stay? “,” In Search of the Holy Sacrament. ”

“And in the nearest future” Doc “: Polina Borodina, director Elena Gremina,” swamp thing “, Plato,” Feast “, directed by Seva Lisowski; Artem Mother, directed by Barbara Fair Shopping Centre,” Orphans “; Talgat Batalov Aleksey Krizhevsky, “Khrushchev”, “Philosophy of love and justice”, “The True Story of Medea from T”, “f *** GUSTs Office, Issue 6,” “New Life”, witness the show with former prisoners; ” First night scenes, “the draft of the Festival” Lyubimovka, “- said in a theater.

In the middle of October, it was announced that the Department of city property of Moscow unilaterally terminated the lease agreement with the theater because of” illegal redevelopment ” of the room in the basement of an apartment building in the alley Tryokhprudny that “Theatre.doc” shoots for 12 years.

In defense of the theater were artists from different countries, including British playwright Tom Stoppard and Russian director Ivan Rhythm, American theater critic John Friedman Russian actress and her band, Union of Writers, artistic director of academic theaters, 200 Russian playwrights, including Alexander Gelman, Nikolai Kolyada and Eugene Grishkovets appeal to the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin to support the theater signed on the Internet more than 6,600 people .

Director “Teatra.doc” Elena Gremina wrote a letter to the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin with a request to renew the lease and allow time to correct violations of redevelopment, but the answer was in early December another injunction to vacate the premises signed by the deputy head of department property.

“The Moscow authorities so people do not care about culture and theater, even if there was no response respectful to all those ardent letters respected in the community for people of culture trifling matter – renting the basement in the 172 meters? The rumors going around that this is a political decision. “18 Hour”, “Berlusputin” played Blogs by Maidana you read? At Occupy Abai played? At a rally in defense of prisoners on May 6 were? Readings prohibited Ministry of Culture plays do? Another list? ” – Wrote in early December in its Facebook Gremina.

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