Thursday, December 18, 2014

Universe “Evaluator”: Prime Minister of the Russian sci-fi blockbuster – BBC News

In rolling from December 18, overlooks one of the most promising Russian projects of the year – a fantastic band “calculator”. Distant planet. Ten prisoners. The struggle for survival and, of course, love. Made a film in Iceland, the same place where Christopher Nolan filmed sensational “Interstellar”.

“calculator”, as well as other modern fiction movies, not just attraction, but also the ability to simulate one of the scenarios of human development. And also an occasion to reflect on the limits of our intellectual capabilities, the abilities of people to calculate the future, as well as the true place of power and love of the world’s total automation and control.

The answers will be looking for the main characters of the film. All of them – the inhabitants of the planet XT-59 – sent a lifelong link to the Sargasso swamp. Their only chance to survive – to find the Happy Island.

In search of repeat criminal offenders sent to Joost by Vinnie Jones, fragile Christie – heroine Ani Chipovskaya and former adviser to President Erwin Kahn – the hero Yevgeny Mironov.

“It’s such an attempt to look, maybe on ourselves with the help of fiction: who are we? I do not know what century it happens, how many years after us. But, unfortunately, little has changed. The man remains the same “- said the performer of Erwin Kahn Yevgeny Mironov.

The heroine Ani Chipovskaya embodies not rational and sensible start. Meeting with her could not even foresee a brilliant mathematician, computer Erwin Kahn – the character Yevgeny Mironov.

“I’m more corrosive, thoughtful and every second of our common work Scrolls person simply did not see,” – says, speaking of ” calculator “Mironov, who plays Anna Christie Chipovskaya.

” We filmed where was filmed a lot of recent fiction blockbuster – in Iceland, with the same team. And we were treated very seriously, because they have seen, it is clear that young, but they have seen professional people, “- said Mironov.

In Iceland, the team of the film” calculator “went for the same as the one already found this circumpolar land Christopher Nolan, removing the” Interstellar ” Ridley Scott – “Prometheus” and Joseph Kosinski – “Oblivion”.

Only here, without leaving the Earth, you can feel like on another planet, where all the elements fiercely tested for strength and film, and the people that doing no room for error, and take an extra, the more rest.

Dmitry Grachev – one of the most ambitious young filmmakers. Starting with the comedy “Bride at any price” and “Wedding Exchange” for the complex nature he took recently, but once seriously. Dmitri was the second director of the crew of the film “Stalingrad” by Fyodor Bondarchuk. It was he who set the stage a large-scale cross the Volga.

On the “calculators” task was akin to a military operation.

“We knew that we had 22 days. We understood that we do not have no chance to remove something. And if it was not in Iceland, we would not have rented this movie. That is, if it was not in such contact with nature and in such contact with the place in which we are, we would not have taken off, “- said Dmitry Grachev.

Universe” Evaluator “: giant techno, the power of artificial intelligence and, of course, carboxylic monsters – living substance, which skillfully uses the basic material of the planet – it’s a fantasy film operator Ivan Gudkov and graphic designers, special effects studio Nikita Argunova.

“I really wanted it to be such a matter, you know, is unclear. We are accustomed to the DNA, which is located on the planet Earth, to organic beings. I wanted to make something different, totally different, it would be well integrated into this planet. What would it be something new “- trying to retell his idea director Dmitry Grachev.

A fantastic action-drama” calculator “- on screens of the country from December 18.


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