Thursday, December 25, 2014

Volgograd FSB tears came out of the theater after watching the movie “Christmas Tree 1914″ – Notepad-Volgograd

   New comedy Timur Bekmambetov’s “Christmas Tree 1914″ made a strong cry even half of the cinema “Five Star”, which held its premiere today.

 Over the past hundred years in our country many times everything changed, transferred, copied and returned, but only the dreams and desires of the people remain the same. After all, we are all the same vanities, work wear, love, fight, break up, crying, deceive, and then ask for forgiveness … Every year we hope that the most important one night everything changed everything right and allow to begin life with a clean slate. For many years in the New Year’s Eve we gather near the Christmas tree, so that the circle of family and friends to count chime together to remember what was the dream that is the main thing – together. At this touching morality built the whole plot of the new movie “Christmas Tree 1914″, the first show which took place on December 25 at the Volgograd cinema “Five Star”.

 Romantic story cadet Ivan and charming student medical school is surrounded by Tanya still some good Christmas novellas: awesome Eugene P. by Ivan Urgant, who threw for a large family beloved hero Sergei Svetlakova; history of a peasant who went against his master, to save from the death of his bear Sancho; funny story about Theodore recruits and Dime in love with a girl; the story of a skater Peter who shy of his work because he worked policeman; amazing story about how Grisha boy and his older sister Glasha came begging to save dying mother – all these factors forced to cry even strong half cinema hall.

 The film began with the New Year’s ball on a dating actor Alexander Pahl and charming nurses Tatyana Panfilova by Faith. After the ball more young people not see each other, because the First World War. However hard they met again. The protagonist of the film was in a military hospital, where he again met with Tanya. Vanya soon learns that Christmas Eve decree of the emperor were banned Christmas tree. In love with the hero of the collecting petitions to cancel the decree. The young guy sits down for the first time at the helm of military aircraft to deliver 300,000 petitions and prove to everyone that miracles do exist.

 History smoothly switches the viewer’s attention to another story where the hero Ivan Urganta trying to evict him from the house sold Sergei Svetlakova hero, who for decades lived in it with his grandparents, aunts, uncles and other relatives. Hero Svetlakova was willing to deceive all households, in order to please his heiress. Later, however, he realizes that he is more important than good friends, flirt.

 Play fun Anton Bogdanov and bear Sancho could not remain indifferent to the viewer. After Anton so accustomed to the role of the yard Senka that the whole room is so plausible to believe the story of the friendship between man and beast.

 Infects laughter appeared in the hall when there were Alexander Golovin and Teska Domogarov Alexander Jnr. They played two gathering on the front of the volunteers who have the difficult share – to carry the bride grandmother disabled. Along the way, they decide to get rid of the heavy “cargo”, but then you realize that committed shameless act. But guys do not even know what they have prepared a surprise tricky grandmother.

 Deeply touched story of a little boy Grisha and his older sister, who began to ask for money from passers-by to buy medicine mom, who was on the verge of death. Perhaps Alexander Domogarova Jr. (Grisha) can be shamelessly named best actor of the film. He is so accustomed to the role that the viewer had no doubt – this little boy with a good heart will save not only my mother, but also others in need.

 Another series of “trees” did not become a surprise for the audience – we could not expect anything else from the film, which is built on a plot of several touching stories. As the voice tells Knightley, over the years, people do not change. All we are waiting for any victims and feats, no big words and flattery, and only having to close and dear heart every minute were nearby.

 -Very Touching film – tearfully told a visitor cinema, is an employee of the FSB – I cried almost all the time. In the middle of such mental began moments and scenes that my heart trembled. I, too, have a favorite, and I serve. Every time I find it hard to part with it. Most of all I touched the moment when the guy collecting petition for permission to trees. He sat behind the wheel of the aircraft, risking his life to bring joy to his girlfriend – a male thing. Liked the movie very much, did not regret coming.

 One of the young attendees Cinema 12-year-old Catherine Fomin admitted that if it had not bear Sancho, she would not have liked the film.

 -More Of all I liked the story of Sancho – said Katya. – Without him, the film would be boring, because he’s so funny and so cute.


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