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02.01.2015 20:09

Baba Yaga against! Review of “John Wick»

«John Wick» , who, after a long journey finally reached our cinemas – is not only an effective way to cheer up after the Christmas stress on the body, but so rare these days proving the viability of the projects category B-movie . Thanks to the leading man charisma, concise narrative and masterfully put this thriller scenes of violence can be placed on a shelf with the best representatives of the genre.

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) – a retired megakrutoy killer. It is so steep that once killed three people … one pencil. In the world of mercenaries he was given the nickname Baba Yaga : once he could do the job of any complexity and settle accounts with the Invisible Target. But then Week in love and tried to live a normal life. However, his wife died suddenly, leaving the John dying gift – a puppy. And the hero has had a stunning 1969 Mustang, which has coveted some frostbitten thug (Alfie Owen-Allen). With a partner, he broke into the house of the bereaved Wick , otmutuzil him to death, killed a puppy and a sense of accomplishment left on the “Mustang”.

John , up to this point mayavshiysya from idleness and not knowing where to go with grief and longing for his wife, he suddenly found vent to his emotions in revenge for the dog. Baba Yaga turned strongly against such immediacy jerks neophytes of the underworld, in the old days was lying at his feet. In addition, professional delete Yagi is now multiplied by personal motives, and in an amicable each of offenders Wick was supposed to immediately leave this planet, or at least not to hold pencils nearby …

In fairness it should be noted that the picture did not watchable only one Keanu Reeves , which is not so much a game as pointedly silent practicing fee in the scenes of fights and shootings. However, even this plain image famous half-breed could give volume. He did it including through personal drama, the details of which can be found in the archives of any tabloid. His Week was not just Born to Raise Hell, and a man with nothing to lose, and perhaps wishing to atone for the sins of the past: Kill the bad guys – a useful thing for society.

But Keanu one alive today militants. The fact that the director of this project were stuntmen, stunt coordinators and fights Chad Stahelski and David Leitch. And they should be grateful for the hard work of the action scenes in the film. After all, by and large, it clashes bandits make any film category B or fit for viewing on the big screen, or suitable only for superficial acquaintance with him at home on rewind. In this second case the viewer will do “feyspalm” when displayed on each withdrawal choke fight.

Meanwhile, Chad and David to use the rich experience of a full stunt. First, among other things, played understudy Keanu in the “Matrix” and “Constantine”, the second screen is replaced by Brad Pitt in physically challenging scenes “Fight Club.” Together, the men came to his directorial debut with the responsibility. Not digging deep, they focused on the main thing – carefully planned and skillfully delivered tricks. And it worked: watch «John Wick» sometimes funny, but not excruciatingly painful.

Perhaps the claims can be presented only to individual characters and hackneyed plot, which, let’s be honest, often limping and in the movies category A , and for B-movie and even more so is the attribute of secondary importance.

But all this – little things did not spoil the overall impression of the film, which can be described in three words: dashing, bold, inventive. On what not pretending, «John Wick» made so confident that Tom Cruise, Liam Neeson and all part of “The Expendables” probably already thinking about how they will return its leading position in the club tough guys at 50.


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