Sunday, February 22, 2015

“50 shades of gray” is the leader of film distribution – The Jewish Times

Following last weekend the most interesting movie for the audience were leaders last week. US box office earnings of each film concluded, resulting in a “50 shades of gray” is still the leader of audience visits.

With less success, but still in the lead erotic drama “50 shades of gray” Discontinued on the novel E.L.Dzheymsa. Due to the large-scale advertising campaign around the filmstrip public interest was high enough. However, to this weekend story of a businessman and his secretary has already attracted 73% less public than last weekend.

Despite this, the first line of the film managed to retain and even earn 23.2 million dollars in the US and Canada. Thus the total budget of just over $ 40 million, “50 shades of gray” gathered in worldwide box office of $ 410.6 million.

This film’s success led to automatically compared to other grossing film “Twilight.” In particular the first part of the saga “50 Shades” were able to get around in revenue. What fate awaits the next film adaptation of the novel by James shall see in the next couple of years, if conflicts between authors subside and they start dishonored two films of the same series.

The second this week became the “Kingsman: Secret Service.” Basher, who is destined to feel in the shoes of special agent was able to hold the second week in the top five. The film earned $ 17.5 million and now total ticket “Secret Service” has 124.7 million dollars, at a cost of 81 million dollars.

In third place is located” SpongeBob in 3D “. A favorite of those who have not yet reached the “50 shades of gray” earned 15.5 million dollars of output and total revenue of 171.4 million dollars already paid off, as the cost of its creation amounted to 74 million dollars. By the way this film pressed favorite few weeks Klinat Isvuda “Sniper”. It arrived this week only allowed to take sixth place in the overall ranking.


Kinonovichek this week, “McFarland” only managed to take fourth place. The film is based on real events. Starring Kevin Costner, who performed the role of the coach-athlete athletes. Box office movie was only 11.3 million dollars.

A fifth in the Top became ” simpleton “. Earning a film about the not very pretty girl, trying to change my life a failure amounted to 11 million. The film has a small budget and has the following output is expected that its 8.5 million dollars “simpleton” pay for.

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