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Died director Yevgeny Tatarsky – Channel Culture

24.02.2015 | 10:10

 On the eve of St. Petersburg on the 77th, died film director, People’s Artist of Russia Yevgeny Tatarsky. “Gold Mine,” “Suicide Club or the Adventures of a Certain Noble,” “Prison Romance” – these tapes, just coming on the screens are becoming popular. Over half a century Tatar Eugene worked at the studio “thumbnail”. There also will be held a farewell to the director.

 Yevgeny Tatarsky always dreamed of being famous and easily recognized this, and his title master detective is not recognized.

 “I love the genre movie – admitted the director – that’s another thing – and watch and shoot. If I see that scenario is not very good, but you can search in the genre. A little stylish, ironically, I need a genre.”

 So it was with “Gold mine”. Initial and, according to the Tatar, a terrible scenario has been completely rewritten. Sleuth Snegin almost Onegin became Kroshina. Detective story at times gave way to melodrama. In the scene of the meeting of heroes Dahl and Polishchuk Tatarsky asked to make love, frustrated.

 Much more edits took in “The Adventures of Prince Florizel”. At first, did not claim any Dal or Dmitrieva. On the “thumbnail” manifested material seen before the director, and sprinkle attacks. But the premiere in Leningrad House of cinema audience accepted with enthusiasm. Criticism has calmed down, but the adventures of Prince Bacardi postponed for another two years. In Egypt, died in exile Iranian sheikh. Saw parallels.


 “His human kindness, location, perhaps even dictated by business, profession, – says Tatar actor Yevgeny Kindinov. – This ease in his comments in the director’s proposals, that is, stay at the site was easy and fun”.

 Once, when the Tatar returned from the army, he rushed to the cinema. Was willing to work anyone. Unskilled assistant, then assistant to famous directors. Of these universities he brought rigor and formality – and in the profession and in life.

 “We were very good friends. They are two very different artists – Alex, my husband, Jack, and very respectful of each other. It was a purely family friendship, and she has a special confidential character. When you know each other from the beginning to the end. For I have today is a huge mountain, “- says screenwriter Svetlana Karmalita.

Yevgeny Tatarsky said:” I throw out everything that did not work, the actor, and I emphasize all that was possible, so that the audience also saw how good it is “.

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