Monday, February 23, 2015

Film critic: “Leviathan” bigger “Ida” and deserved “Oscar” – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, February 23 – RIA Novosti. Honorary President of the International Federation of Film (FIPRESCI), film critic Andrew Plakhov told RIA Novosti that disappointed by the decision of the American Academy award “Oscar” Polish film “Ida”; In his opinion, “Leviathan” by Andrei Zvyagintsev – the larger picture.

“One of my frustrations associated with” Leviathan “, I believe that he deserved” Oscar “. This picture is more powerful in scope statements than “Ida,” but I do not decide, “- said Plakhov RIA Novosti. According to critics, the Holocaust, raised in “Ida”, played a role in that film won the “Oscar”, but “he had chances to win, and independently of this”.

Action black-and-white tape “Ida” takes place in Poland in the 60s of the last century. Young novice before making a vow to know his Jewish origins, prompting her family to study the past, himself and his destiny.

“Any decision in a sense, political … This Polish painting, which is also important in It addresses the topic of relations between Poles and Jews during the Second World War, there are a lot of all relevant and important today. But the political aspect should not be exaggerated, I saw a Polish film “spikelets” to close the topic, and I thought he was stronger, “Ida” but won “Ida”, so successfully laid for her card, “- said Plakhov.

The critic noted that, in addition to” Leviathan “, his second disappointment was the absence of the main prizes in the movie” Boyhood “by Richard Linklater.

“I think that it is absolutely outstanding experiment, promoting the language of cinema forward, I think he will receive the award for Best Director at least, but got” Berdmen “, which I like, too, is also an interesting film. I would have given a different way: if the “Oscar” for best film went to “Berdmenu”, then for direction, I would have given exactly Linklater, but this decision academicians, and it is what is “, – concluded Plakhov.

The painting “Leviathan” – a “biblical story of Job in the material of the modern Russia.” The action takes place in the north. Life of the protagonist is collapsing under the circumstances with which he is not able to cope. The main role in the film performed Alexei Serebryakov. Winner of the Cannes Film Festival and the award “Golden Globe”, “Leviathan” has already collected an impressive “bouquet” of awards. In particular, the film won the Grand Prix at the 58th London Film Festival, the Grand Prix of the festival in Munich, the grand prize in the Serbian Film Festival Palic, the Grand Prix Festival in Egypt, as well as the award “Golden Globe”. Painting claimed the “Oscar”, but as a result of the statue was a Polish film “Ida” of the Holocaust.


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