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James Marsh: Stephen Hawking came to the set night – Russian newspaper

On the 87th awards ceremony of the American Academy actor Eddie Redmayne won the “Oscar” in the category “Best Actor” for his work in the film “Stephen Hawking’s Universe”. 26 February this film presented at the “Oscars” in five categories, out in cinemas in Russia.

Director James Marsh this picture – and “Oscar winner”. Back in 2008, he was awarded the prize for a documentary “Man on Wire”. The film “Stephen Hawking’s Universe” (“The Theory of Everything”) Marsh took the book Jane Wilde “Journey to Infinity: My Life with Stephen”.

The action takes place in the early 60s at Cambridge University, where a student met the future famous physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane Wilde. In the film tells of the struggle with ALS Hawking, who led the young scientist to paralysis. The doctors said that he left to live no more than two years, but Stephen Hawking – one of the most famous contemporary theoretical physicists – proved the opposite. In an interview with director James Marsh told how Eddie Redmayne worked on quite a challenging role.

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How did you come for this project that attracted you to it?

James Marsh: The script was already written – at least its first version when I suddenly doubted my abilities. I know who Stephen Hawking, and was not sure if I could make this film. But when I read into the text suddenly realized that it – not a biopic, but rather an intriguing portrait of Hawking’s first marriage. When I finished reading the script, I realized that the emotional component – the heart of the history of relations between the two people. And the marriage itself, and those who pressured him, and third parties, which they seemed to help a pair of very good intentions – this is the drama. After that I started to work. In the process sucked and actors, and I felt their necessity to elaborate more about the characters.

In what way? Please add the number of scenes?

James Marsh: Not only. When they are in the process of creating the role of fighting for their characters – especially Eddie Redmayne, I had to help them sort out the details and ideas. For example, we were in the script stage, which is not quite true talked about progressive disability. And Eddie told me that he saw a very different behavior when he came to this clinic. As for Felicity (Felicity Jones plays in the film’s first wife Hawking – Note. SA. ) – it could some details to find Jane, and we just had to include them in the architecture of the script.

What was the most important thing for you when you were casting?

James Marsh: When I heard about the film and about the role of Stephen Hawking then immediately wondered who could play her. I figured. it would be nice to find someone in Britain. In the UK, a lot of good actors, but Eddie Redmayne – it was my personal choice. He was the first actor, I “saw” in the role. And during the first meeting, I was convinced that he has the courage and talent to play it. As for Felicity, I knew her previous acting work, and they have always intrigued me. She quickly agreed to cooperate – a bold actress.

What do you mean, speaking of the courage and fortitude Eddie Redmayne?

James Marsh: He knew what was coming, that this role will take months and months rather difficult physical and psychological preparation.

Both – and Eddie, and Felicity – known theater actors.

James Marsh: It was important to me. Eddie Redmayne beautiful theater. His training allows him to play the entire scene without interruption into small pieces. I wanted to get actors who can play an important stage completely and perfectly thus interact with each other – in this respect theatrical context was very helpful and Eddie, and Felicity. And it is good that they had played together in the theater – night after night. This made it possible to achieve the interaction between the characters, to which we have sought in the picture.

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Stephen and Jane were present on the set?

James Marsh: They divorced, as you know, so I had to go to them individually. I liked the female point of view, which is strong in itself, and it is important in this story. And then – it’s a memoir Jane. I met with her, and spent some time with Jane in Cambridge, trying to look at all of her eyes. By Stephen Hawking I came much later, asking for blessings to continue work on the film. He gave it to us, but without much enthusiasm. He did not mind, but not the light of joy. There was no such: “It’s great that you’re doing a film about my personal life and my marriage.” But he agreed with the script, and one day decided to come here to shoot at night …

How it was ?

James Marsh: Jane has also been on our site, but at other times. And when Stephen arrived, it was like that, like a spaceship is landing. With him were four or five people, and the lights shone his wheelchair somehow mysterious. It was quite a moment for Eddie. But I feel now that it was a challenge, as a test, after which they both passed. still think that Steven loved being there. When we came to the end of production, were in the process of editing, then showed him the film. It was a very exciting moment. It was difficult to discern whether he likes it or not. But I felt that he had received a his approval. In his own words: “What I saw in your film, it is generally true.” Finally, he offered us a voice in the final part of the film. From this final was even better.

Have you watched the BBC television movie about the life of Stephen Hawking with Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role?

James Marsh: I purposely did not watch it. Decided that for me it will not be useful. Sometimes when you try to create their own interpretation of a story, not in your best interest to see a different view of the same things.

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