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Less money, more Crimea – BBC

State support of cinema in 2015 will decrease by 600 million rubles., The quota for foreign films will not be introduced until. “Kinotavr” will be held in Sochi, but it is unclear where, on “Mosfilm” will not demolish the old pavilion, and build new, – the Ministry of Culture sums up 2014 and is optimistic about the present, which is scheduled to shoot more films on the theme of Ukraine and Crimea.

State Support of Cinematography in 2015 will be reduced. The amount that this year would wipe cinema over the previous amount to 600 million rubles. As for the reduction in the total amount of funds allocated from the budget for film projects (about 6 billion rubles.), But will apply only to that part which is distributed directly by the Ministry of Culture. This was stated at a press conference the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina and Director of the Department of Cinematography of the Ministry Vyacheslav Telnov.

Film Fund budget will remain at the level of 2014 and 3 billion rubles., And Ministry of Culture to support children, copyright, documentaries and television series will receive $ 1.9 billion; in 2014 the agency has distributed 2.5 billion.

The reduction of state movie takes place in the framework of the cost reduction department by 10%. Medina spoke about this before. This time, he promised that the number of projects in 2015 will be the same as a year ago, but did not rule out that in future budget subsidies will receive less films. However, he assured that the reduction in the number of projects will be linked to an increase in their quality.

In order to get support from the Ministry of Culture, applicants must declare a project for one of the proposed agency; this approach was first tried out a year ago, and then became the main theme of the 70th anniversary of the Victory. Then the Ministry supported, for example, the film Renata Davletyarova “The Dawns Here Are Quiet”, which will be released on April 30.

This year the main topic was the Crimea and Ukraine – filmmakers invited reflect on what they looked like “a thousand-year history of the Russian State».

Among the other proposed options for filmmakers – a success story, the military glory of Russia, the new film adaptation of literary works, as well as a memorable date: 100 Anniversary events of 1917 and the 25th anniversary of the August 1991 coup.

Also, state aid includes funds for assistance in the Russian film festivals: for this purpose it is planned to provide about 300 million rubles. The amount is small (for example, according to the tender in 2012, to host the 35th and 36th MIFF planned to spend 240 million rubles.), So

Medina warned that the selection of film festivals department will come as carefully as to the choice of film projects.

The minister forgot to report back to the audience about the success of mitigation, “the law of identity rolling”, making it impossible to conduct large-scale Russian Prime film festivals that have international status.

However, funding for some film festivals even increase – such a gift will receive, for example, held in the Ivanovo region and dedicated to Andrei Tarkovsky Festival “The Mirror”.

According to the minister, such fests bit “on the fingers of one hand to count.” Call them, he did not, but it is obvious that we are talking about status Moscow Film Festival, save where the Ministry of Culture is not comme il faut.

Apparently, in full will receive money from the state and Sochi “Kinotavr”; however, the chairman of its board of trustees Fyodor Bondarchuk said that only one of this amount is not enough for the forum.

«Everything is very expensive … There is the idea of ​​moving” Kinotavr “- he will remain in Sochi, but will be held in Elsewhere, “- said Bondarchuk at a news conference. What is this place, he did not elaborate; perhaps this is one of the Olympic facilities.

Despite the general crisis expectations (including the situation with the “Kinotavr”), the general tone of the press conference (which apart from Medina, and Bondarchuk were Tel’nova General Director of “Mosfilm” Karen Shakhnazarov and director of the movie Anton Malyshev) was pretty complacent.

Shahnazarov, for example, promised that nobody old pavilions “Mosfilm” will not destroy the (recently the media reported about the possible demolition of 30 buildings the studio ), on the other hand, the film studio will receive two large pavilions, as well as a cinema for the premiere. Its course is a new building for the “Soyuzmultfilm” and combining several assets around the Gorky Film Studio.

Only “thumbnail”, lamented Bondarchuk, can not solve the problem with the collection Soviet cinema, filmed at the studios.

Now the rights to these films belong to the State Film Fund, which refuses to return them, citing national interests.

In fact, even a reduction of funds allocated from the budget to support the film, was not so great: Malyshev said that Cinema Fund plans to increase its budget by almost 1.2 billion rubles. the funds that are returned to the producers of films from previous years; in 2014, so it was to get additional 800 million rubles. So the Russian cinema will lose only 200 million – a little, unless, of course, does not take into account the double depreciation of the ruble.


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