Thursday, February 26, 2015

Madonna fell off the stage at a concert in London – Summary Ukrainian and World News

56-year-old singer Madonna embarrass the awards ceremony «Brit Awards» in London. Performed the song «Living For Love», the pop diva fell down the stairs and for a few moments interrupted speech. Later actress explained, which is why there was an unpleasant incident.

In the story, performances, one of the dancers during the concert had to pull off Madonna’s long cloak. When the guy started to carry out its mission, actress lost her balance and fell from the stairs. After the fall of Madonna singing stopped, but recovered quickly and continued pesnyu.Posle ceremony in Instagram Madonna explained what happened on stage. The Star reported that it was in a manner not hurt herself and did not hurt, and absurd case – a consequence of too tight gown, which the dancer could not remove the slight movement ruki.Tekst: A. Zamyatin – News Ukraine and the World


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