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Who will get the “Oscar” – BBC

Bookies predict and film awards winners of “Oscar” – award ceremony of the most prestigious film awards of the world will be held on Sunday, February 22 in Los Angeles.

Prior to the ceremony “Oscars 2015″ left very little time: awards ceremony will be held in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 22. Russian viewers will not see premium live: First Channel will show the edited version of the next day after the “Oscar” fail kinoitogi last year.

It was the same in 2014- m, when the Oscar broadcast was canceled due to the events in Ukraine.

Nevertheless, the “Oscar” will take place regardless of the Russian TV broadcast (it will go live on the TV channel ABC, in Russia will be early in the morning of the 23rd). Their awards at this time handed all possible professional guilds, as well as two major Oscar barometer – “Golden Globe”, awarded by the Association of Foreign Press in Hollywood and BAFTA, the British Film Academy Award. Chances nominees receive a statuette already counted and analyzed – and not only of Film Critics,

but the bookies who can not go past the main award in the field of cinema.

Taking the rate of one of the largest bookmakers of the world – the British company Ladbrokes – and applicants received awards on Monday night “Times” will conduct online broadcast of the ceremony, but for now invites readers to present their ” Oscars “, she tries to guess the winners in the four major and one of” our “Award nominations.

Best Picture

This year’s contenders for the title of best film eight (may be from five to ten) but the greatest chance, according to bookmakers have “Berdmen” Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (the rate at this picture – 4/7) and “Boyhood” by Richard Linklater (6/4).

Winning the other paintings is less likely . For example, in “Hotel” Grand Budapest “Wes Anderson and” Game of imitation “Morten Tilduma bets are accepted at the rate of 25/1, the chances of” Sniper “Clint Eastwood estimated as 40/1 and” Obsession “Damien Chazelles, Cantal,” Selma “Ava Duvernay and “Stephen Hawking’s Universe” by James Marsh can get a prize only by a miracle (100/1).

From the point of view of other prizes are not so easy. “Berdmen”, of course, won the Producers Guild of the United States (which is rarely wrong) and “Best Film” – a category just producer.

But the rest MTV Movie bypassed this picture about the role of the artist aged superhero party (except Actors Guild, hand painting prize for the ensemble).

Most of the movie awards season got this “adolescence” and “Hotel” Grand Budapest “, which was divided between a “Golden Globe” (in drama and comedy, respectively), and “Boyhood” also received BAFTA.

«Sniper” nice little scandal on the show violence in movies (this film adaptation of the memoirs “seals” Chris Kyle who served in Iraq and became a champion for the dead among all US Army snipers) and achievements at the box office (he earned as much as all the other nominees put together), but no sensible reward is not received. “Obsession” was noted only a victory at last year’s festival “Sundance”, “Selma” tells the story of the struggle for the abolition of racial segregation in the 1960s and was awarded the only African-American Film Critics Association. “The game of imitation” of Alan Turing received a BAFTA Best British Film and turned into a local history, and “Stephen Hawking’s Universe” boasts only the Audience Award at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Selecting ” Gazety.Ru “:” Adolescence »

Best Director

Bookmakers Ladbrokes and this award could not really choose between” Berdmenom “and” adolescence “, but at rates Inarritu Linklater wins by a small margin – 4/7 against 5/4. The remaining candidates for the director’s award far behind: Anderson (“Hotel” Grand Budapest “) 50/1 odds have Tilduma (” imitation game “) – 66/1, while Bennett Miller, author of” The Fox Hunter “- 80/1.

If you find a reward, then Linklater abruptly pulled forward. He has already won the same category at the “Golden Globes” and BAFTA and received the “Silver Bear” for Best Director at the Berlin Film Festival last year.

Inarritu also boasts the only victory in the Prize of the Guild directors of the United States, but this prize outweighed in the eyes of all the credit bookmakers Linklater.

The odds of winning the remaining contenders really small. Anderson no audio directing awards received such Tildum on Hollywood Film Festival, and Miller – Cannes.

Selecting “Gazety.Ru”: Richard Linklater (“Adolescence»)

Best Actor

In this category, according to Ladbrokes, the favorite one – it’s Eddie Redmayne, convincingly played by Stephen Hawking in the film adaptation of the memoirs of the first wife of the great physicist; bets are accepted as 4/1. However, the bookies do not exclude that the winner will be Michael Keaton (played on them grown old superstar in “Berdmene” pose at the rate of 4.11) or even Bradley Cooper (played a major role in the biopic best American sniper of all time, was 20/1). Benedict Cumberbatch (Alan Turing from the “imitation game”) and Steve Currell (who made a surprisingly dramatic role in “Foxcatcher”) chance of a prize is not at all – 50/1 and 100/1 respectively.

If we take into account the premium awards season,

anything but Redmayne, American kinoakademikov and choose certain.

The British stage actor for last year earned the status of this asterisk; but “the universe …” he played Lana and Andy Wachowski in a sci-fi movie “Jupiter Ascending”. Another Redmayne was a breakthrough year for the Toronto Film Festival, won the award “Golden Globe” (as best dramatic actor) and BAFTA, and was awarded the Screen Actors Guild Awards. In Keaton awards unlike less (for “Berdmena”, of course) – Award “Critics Choice” for Best Actor and Screen Actors Guild Award as part of the ensemble cast of the film. Cooper on the “Critics Choice” was the best actor in an action movie, but this is not enough to qualify for the main kinopriz. We Cumberbatch and Currell their role awards, we can say, and there.

Selecting “Gazety.Ru”: Eddie Redmayne (“Stephen Hawking’s Universe»)

Best Actress

In this category the bookies even more categorical: win, in their opinion, Julianne Moore, who played sick “Alzheimer’s” a female teacher in the film “Still Alice”, the film adaptation of the novel by Lisa Genova. The chances of this outcome are estimated as 1.2 / 1, ie the rate at Moore income will not.

Rivals also, of course, may be eligible for the award, but the probability of collision is very small.

Betting Reese Witherspoon (starred in “Wild”, an adaptation of the memoirs of tourists single Cheryl Streyd) is calculated as 20/1 on Rosamund Pike (one of the few film nominations David Fincher’s “disappeared”) – as 33/1, Felicity Jones (wife of the protagonist in “Stephen Hawking’s Universe”) – as 50/1, and Marion Cotillard (“Two Days, One Night,” the Dardenne brothers) – 66/1 .

As for the recognition of colleagues, and here Julianne Moore seems to be won every possible award. In fact, the vast majority of nominations for various awards earned it by her. And she got a lot from the Screen Actors Guild Award and the “Critics Choice” to “Golden Globe” and BAFTA. The rest of the contenders this collection can not boast.

Selecting “Gazety.Ru”: Julianne Moore (“Still Alice»)

Best Foreign Language Film

This category has traditionally causes bookmakers difficulties; this year they are predicting victory once three of the five films. Leading with a small margin Polish “Ida” Paul Pawlikowski (3/1), and immediately after her – the Russian “Leviathan” by Andrei Zvyagintsev (4/1) and Argentine “wild stories” Damien Shiprona. Chances Moorish “Timbuktu” Abderrahmane Sissako and Estonian “Mandarin” Zaza Urushadze very small (33/1 and 50/1).

From the point of view of cinema can win any of these films, including telling about Estonians living in Georgia “Mandarins” or actual political drama “Timbuktu».

But in fact, the fight for the top prize are only “Ida” and “Leviathan”.

Both of these paintings have caused controversy in their countries, “Leviathan” abused, for example, the denigration of Russian reality, and “Going” – the theme for the participation of Poles in the murder of Jews during World War II. These films host of awards of various film festivals, and it is not clear that the weightier – a prize for the screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival “Leviathan” and four awards from the European Film Academy at the “Ida”. After winning film Zvyagintsev on the “Golden Globe” bets on both tapes were the same, and “Ida” pulled ahead after winning the BAFTA. “Wild stories” are also not left without winning, but only in the Spanish-speaking world; Will beat comedy anthology of six short films for “Oscar” – we’ll see in two days.

Selecting “Gazety.Ru” made for reasons of patriotism: “Leviathan” by Andrei Zvyagintsev


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