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Yevgeny Tatarsky. Prince Florizel Street Broken Lights – Independent Newspaper

Yevgeny Tatarsky, obituary


In St. Petersburg, 77, died Yevgeny Tatarsky – directed a dozen films and television series, including “The Adventures of Prince Florizel” and “Streets of Broken Lights».


Born in 1938 in Leningrad Yevgeny Tatarsky after graduating from high school dreaming of a theatrical or film career. Enter the first year Hydrometeorological Institute, he simultaneously preparing for the exam to become an actor – hand them the first time nonetheless failed. Tatarsky did not give up and, after serving in the army, tried to get to the director’s office – and again failed. As a result, it was necessary to study by correspondence, and knowledge to obtain in practice. As a handyman then, the assistant director of the Tatar than one year participated in expeditions crews Leningrad film studio of popular movies. In the mid-60s he moved to the “Lennauchfilm” on “Lenfilm”. Full directorial debut was for Eugene Tatar thesis short films “Fire in the wing” in 1973 – one of the film adaptation of “Deniskina stories” Victor Dragoon. One of the roles played by Oleg Dal, who four years later starred in the Tatar in “Prince Florizel,” and in another film – a detective “Gold Mine” actor played a fugitive.


Later, it will be a major detective genre in the filmography of Eugene Tatar. “For no apparent reason,” Irina Alferov tells about the mysterious murders in Siberia in the 20s, “Collier, Charlotte,” Kirill Lavrov – KGB hunting a gang of smugglers, and, of course, the TV series “Streets of Broken Lights” and “Deadly Force “, which managed to attract Tatar, and, as it turned out, not in vain, for the moment it is too well-known to the general public Keira Knightley.


However, only one supporter of the genre can not be called a director. It is perhaps the most famous work and stayed television movie “The Adventures of Prince Florizel” – a fantastic, even a fantastic story about the ruler of the fictional country, accidentally fell into a mysterious place called “Suicide Club”. Not only Oleg Dal, but many other actors who once worked with Tatar, came back to him on the set again. For example, Donatas Banionis, starring in “Florizel” and later in the mystical thriller about vampires’ blood-drinking “on the novel by Alexei Tolstoy.


In the early 2000s, Yevgeny Tatarsky took the filming of the series on the works of Rex Stout – starring reappeared Banionis. But the Russian version of “Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin” had no success with audiences, moreover, the director left the project by removing all five runs – they eventually became his last directorial work.




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