Friday, April 24, 2015

Chapter Rosobrnadzor announced the phasing out of the test portion of the exam in the future – Kommersant

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Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science is going to be phased out in a test of the exam, as it has already been done in taking the exam on the Russian language, the head of Sergey Kravtsov Rosobrnadzor.

«We see the main areas for improvement in the next exam. The first – a rejection of the test pieces to the content of examination materials were evaluated by the fullest knowledge of schoolchildren. We refused the Russian language from the test pieces, and next year we made the most in other subjects will refuse the test part, “- reports” RIA Novosti “words of Mr. Kravtsov. He added that the second step to improve the exam will be a year-round submission of exam.

Learn more about the innovations of this year, at the time the exam, read the material of the magazine “Spark” “exam to choose ».



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