Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ekaterinburg sex shop stocked price tags on their goods Order BOB – Express-News

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26.04 | 19:02

Manual store chain “for adults” literally taken up the call of the authorities of Yekaterinburg, about decorating urban outlets symbols related 70th anniversary of the Great Victory.

Officials from the City Hall speechless when they learned that the network of sex shops “Casanova 69″ placed on their price tags Order of the Patriotic War II degree. Administration officials have reacted with lightning speed – they appealed to the leadership of stores to immediately remove this blasphemy over the symbol of Victory. The representative of the mayor’s office commented on the situation: “It is absolutely unacceptable. With these things you can not joke ».

However, the commercial director of the sex shops Dmitry Schepin sure that they are not guilty of anything, and that is nothing more than a tribute. But noted that he had already given appropriate instructions to the image of the Order was removed from all price tags. And also commented: “The campaign corresponds to the ideas of our policy, we have been pursuing for many years – is patriotism, investment in health, in the demographics of Russia, strengthening a culture of family values. 70th anniversary of Victory – a huge occasion, so we have reflected on the price tags symbol of victory. ”


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