Tuesday, April 21, 2015

In Moscow, presented the film “The Dawns Here Are Quiet” – Russian newspaper

In Moscow, a Preview of “The Dawns Here Are Quiet” – a new film adaptation of the novel by Boris Vasilyev. The picture presented director Renat Davletyarov, actors Eugene Malakhov, Anastasia Mikulchina, Sophia Lebedev, producer Vlad Ryashin and screenwriter Yuri Korotkov.

The press conference started with the fact that Davletyarov asked the audience to stand commemorating the deceased director in Berlin Bakhtiyor Khudoynazarova.

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Speaking of painting, Ryashin said: “We understand that our film will be compared with the adaptation of 1972, to use the word” remake “, but we are for the word” new adaptation. “Our main goal – to introduce a new generation with the story of Boris Vasilyev” .

The main issue discussed by journalists before the conference: what was to retake one of the classic paintings of Soviet cinema? And here and Ryashin and Davletyarov talked about the importance of introducing the material of young spectator – which is often not something that did not look, but did not even heard of the movie Stanislav Rostotsky, nor about the novel by Boris Vasilyev. “It struck me that many actresses who came to audition, was surprised to learn that there is such a novel and even the film” – said Davletyarov.

Speaking of casting, the director said that it was long enough process. The only candidate with which the director was determined immediately, was Pyotr Fyodorov – who plays Fedota Vaskova.

The creators say that this film adaptation closer to the original, although the timing is still the film can not include all the scenes. However, Davletyarov prepares for the first channel extended 4-episode TV version.

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There were questions on state paintings, including financial, and that specifically because of “Zorya” was moved to continue rolling “The Avengers.” Davletyarov noticed that the picture was shot at his own risk, and support was provided at the time when he shot a 90 protsetov film. The director added that the band had to finish a rush job to have time to go to the rental for the anniversary of the victory: “About two months did not have enough to do without hysterics, but especially the show is such that the picture with the name” The Dawns Here Are Quiet “can get in Russia only in these great days of May “.

The director also said that the first reviews of the film were benevolent,” I showed the film to his son Boris Vasilyev, he did not notice the loss. He told me that he was going to watch a movie, having prepared conciliatory-comforting it. But then hugged me and said that I was his pleasure to disappoint “- shared Davletyarov.

In wide release in Russia” Zori “out April 30th. Vlad Ryashin noticed that the film will go to the Russian cinema in format 2D, and 3D.Krome, the film will be released on the screens of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, as well as in limited release in Germany and Israel. Negotiations on the box, and with China, where the story Vasiliev included in the school curriculum.

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