Tuesday, April 21, 2015

In the United States awarded the Pulitzer Prize – Dni.Ru

New York was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism and literature. The winners among the media began: New York Times, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal and The Post and Courier in Charleston.

In the United States on April 20 were awarded one of the most prestigious prizes, awarded for achievements in the field literature, journalism, music and theater. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism in 21 categories determined by a jury of 18 members – representatives of the media, publishers, writers and educators. Winners in all categories except “for public service”, received 10 thousand dollars .

The publication of world renown New York Times won in three categories . Daily newspaper was awarded in the category “Best International report” dedicated to the spread of Ebola. Also, the publication has received the award for investigative journalism. At the same time a journalist from the same edition was chosen as “Best Operational Picture” to show how the struggle for power is destroying the lives of people.

It is also noted by a competent jury and employees of the Wall Street Journal. Journalist Matthew Keymins this edition was the winner in the category “Comment”. A reward in the most prestigious journalistic nomination “For service to the community” received the publication The Post and Courierre . The competent jury evaluated a series of articles, “Till death do us part”, dedicated to the high level of violent deaths of women in South Carolina.

Newspaper St. Louis Post-Dispatch received the award in photography for pictures taken during protests in Ferguson, a Bloomberg News report for the avoidance of corporation tax. In the nomination “For outstanding supply of sensational material” prize was awarded to the newspaper The Seatle Times for a report on the landslide that killed 43 people. The best essays, in the opinion of the jury Pulitzer, wrote Diana Marcum drought in California for The Los Angeles Times .

In turn, among the writers were noted: Anthony Dorr with his novel “All we invisible light” , Stephen Adly Guirgis with the play “between Riverside and Crazy”, Elizabeth A. Fenn and her book “Encounters in the Heart of the World: History Mandan tribe.” Among the poets winner was Gregory Pardlo. Best biographer David was recognized Kerttser, author of “The Pope and Mussolini: The Secret History of Pius XI and the growth of fascism in Europe.” Winner of the award in the field of music became a composer Julia Wolfe.

Recall Pulitzer Prize was established in the US in 1903 and is awarded annually since 1917, the Trustees of Columbia University in New York. Over the years, it gave Ernest Hemingway, Saul, Margaret Mitchell, John Steinbeck and William Faulkner.


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