Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Journalist Graham Phillips beat the Museum Bandera in London – TVNZ

Not too successfully ended for British journalist Graham Phillips, known for his reporting on the east of Ukraine, visiting the so-called “Museum of the liberation struggle of the name of Bandera”, which is based in London. Media workers were not only insulted, told him what he had a bad reputation, but also beaten.

And all this Phillips captured on video. It is worth noting that the scandal and began with what Graham tried to get into a museum dedicated to the Nazis, to turn on the camera. The journalist has posted an entry in the Internet.

By the way, the British police did not react to the incident. Law enforcement officers have not helped the reporter. They explained this by the fact that the museum supposedly private, so owners can deny it to anyone visiting.

Recall six months of work in the Donbass Phillips experienced a lot. So, he had visited a prisoner of the Ukrainian security services. In May 2014 it became known journalist wounded. His hooked shrapnel from a mortar shell far from Donetsk.


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