Saturday, April 11, 2015

Metropolitan Kirill addressed the Urals with the Easter message – AiF-Ural

Ekaterinburg, April 11 – AiF-Ural.

Beloved in the Lord fathers, brothers and sisters!


With trepidation bearers and exultation of the apostles and we have reached the battleground of Lent to light this vseprazdnichnoy and saving the night, we see the empty tomb and the evangelist angel announcing the greatest joy that Christ is risen!


Today we celebrate the death and killing committed this evil sin, the triumph of love and hope and victory over hell. This year more than ever, we will often hear this word – victory. In the year of the 70th anniversary of the great victory of our people over the plague of fascism, we will remember the deeds of our fathers and grandfathers who survived and won, because with them was pravda.My remember veterans and thank them, because they risked not only the body but also very soul. Any war is a huge risk for the soul, it is the inevitable damage to her world. But people whose love for others more than a craving for bodily and spiritual comfort, even the soul is subjected to merciless blows his evil. Wrong those who romanticized war. Any murder is opposition to the Creator’s plan. Especially painful than the need to resort to this method to prevent a greater evil. And the deeper must be our gratitude to those people who believe their souls for our neighbors, and by which we are going in a peaceful country under the arches of temples, catechumens Easter hymns. Not by chance last day of the most terrible and bloody war in human history, it fell on Easter time.


So this year we are, in the light of the greatest victory of the Risen Christ, should be particularly razmyslit over what is a victory for the Christian. “Victory with, Christ, yuzhe to hell, to the Cross vozshelesi: yes in the darkness of death sedyaschiya voskresishi with him,” – we sing in one of the Sunday stichera. Christ’s victory – a triumph of the Cross and love, not deadly weapons and destructive power.


In the Resurrection of Christ is striking is the fact that this very great event takes place without the viewer, in complete ignorance of humanity of the moment when the hell laments so hopeless that could no longer hold himself dead. “Do not chuvstvovasha when Thou didst rise, streguschii Thee Warriors” – said Sunday hymn. In the resurrection of Christ, mankind was indifferent even as the beholder. During Gethsemane suffering Lord asks a simple human attention and compassion from his nearest friends. But finds no support even from those who are most to him was approached. Peter shows indifference to Gethsemane tears Savior, and then completely betrays him, but not only for himself alone, but also from all of us. Each of us gave His God nor enough of his time, or words spoken in prayer, did not show enough interest in his words in the Gospel, and certainly for the full adherence to his requests and commands. Resurrection is infinitely great gift of the Creator is infinitely ingrate. And done it when we still happens enemies of God, enemies of His commandments and do not heal from the destructive vices. Christ does not set conditions for his love and not finding anybody full understanding, himself, alone, with the pain and despair of all mankind goes back to where he is hated, but where is his most expected – in the worst place of horror and suffering – in hell. He shares with us his victory and his love – unconditionally – even before we even had time to learn about it. This continues until now. And now the Lord pours jubilation Easter to all people – and labored in the spiritual feat, and not labor at all, and for the post, and intemperate. Christ’s victory is not kills sinners and grant them holiness, does not destroy his former enemies, and makes them friends, just as the Risen Lord not incinerates persecutor Saul, and converts in love Apostles Paul.


St Philaret of Moscow said: “Love your enemies and do good! Wisdom of the world is here difficulty in providing such unnatural love; for it must be based on the representation of visible or imagined perfection of its object: but how can you love those in which we see nothing but deceit and malice? Of course, we can not love evil, and who needs this? Feel disgust to all vices, which they deserve – this does not prohibit, but still require; just do not mix with the people themselves, in which notice them: separating shared in the same, you still find in them something that is worthy of your love. No matter how much it seemed unnatural to love our enemies – is less disgusting human nature to hate? ».


No one is really a great victory for human hatred can not be accomplished. Fortitude is not a special intransigence and anger to the enemies, and his love for his homeland, to their land and family, and most importantly – to the God who gives us all this.


Easter joy, living constantly in the Christian heart, the enemy of mankind wants to erase and replace pride and militancy. And now comes the brother against brother, beautiful words and appeals to justify anger and hatred. Holy Martyr Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna blood witnessed the truth of his words that “no evil will conquer evil, but only love.” We all are going through a very dangerous period tempting when wanting to fight for the truth to find easier than living the truth.


«Not every word resist, not everyone, and follow; but know what and when to resist or follow. Be tied more to God than stand up for the doctrine of God. Every word can be disputed word; but life than not? “- says St. Gregory the Theologian. Man is called not to fight and to kill, and to live and create as difficult to live righteously. Let the Risen Christ in Easter holiday today gives us the grace of forgiveness victory, victory over rancor and intransigence over their pride and self. Let the victory of His truth and love will always be with us, because in the Church of Christ is among us, Christ is alive, because




truly risen Christ!


God is merciful, humble CYRIL,

 Metropolitan Yekaterinburg and Verkhoturye







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