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Russian pavilion for the absence of Russian films in Cannes – Russian newspaper

None of the official competition of the 68th Cannes Film Festival, or in a side – “Un Certain Regard” – no Russian films. But, despite the apocalyptic cries of observers, there is no state of emergency: the main competition is also absent, Germany, Spain, Brazil – also great cinematic power. Succumb, however. Will build up muscles, make good movies, prepare for new marathons.

The growing muscles will demonstrate at the Cannes Film Festival Russian pavilion, which is the eighth year in a row regularly appears before the fans tomorrow our cinema. His plans and projects, his films – is already running, or even just to think about. This pavilion Russian cinema reminds himself and others that, contrary to predictions, it is alive, it roam interesting ideas, and already there are new generation, which all hope.

In a press conference held in Moscow participated ROSKINO CEO and head of the Russian pavilion Catherine Mtsituridze, executive director of the movie Anton Malyshev, producer Alexander Cekalo young contestants student work Cinéfondation Cannes Festival Gus’kova Mary and Max Shavkin. Reporters learned that this year’s pavilion will attract attention to their movies: recruits alone will remind the audience of the festival of the existence of the Russian film industry.

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The film Maxim Shavkina of the Moscow School of the new movie “14 steps” – a story about a girl who wants to break with the past and tries to start a new life in the big city, but it would get past there. The author of 37-minute film believes that cinema is important is not the answer to your questions, and the process of martial arts man and his environment, his fortune and his plastic. Maxim believes that the old ways of storytelling and drama, all the tools of the former cinema does not correspond to our time – why not go the Film Institute and the School of new movies aimed at the experiment.

The second Russian film program Cinéfondation – 28-minute “Return Erkin” Maria Guskova, a native of Buryatia and graduate of the Higher Courses of script writers and directors. Total in this competition will compete 16 works from film schools in Australia, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Israel, Iran, Spain, Cuba, the United States, France, the Czech Republic, Chile. The winner is given the right to reveal his next film in the Cannes festival next year. The competition jury is headed by a graduate of the VGIK film director Abderrahmane Sissako Moorish.

Catherine Mtsituridze told reporters in detail about the program of the Russian pavilion. Press, distributors and festival selectors will present new film projects, including “The syndrome Petrushka” Elena Khazanova, “Cloth union” Mikhail Mestetsky, “Smeshariki: Legend of the Golden Dragon” Denis Chernov. Go search for foreign partners to create a large-scale film “Philosophy Ship” (conceived by producer Alexander and Peter Cekalo Shchedrovitskii), “Lenin” (producer Yelena Yatsura and Yuri Krestinsky), “Beirut” (Dmitry Rudovskiy, Fyodor Bondarchuk and Dmitry Tabarchuk). With the participation of foreign filmmakers will host a conference “New rules for co-production in Europe” associated with the adoption of a new version of the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production.

In the Russian pavilion will be presented next Moscow International Film Festival, which will take place in June 37 th time. His program will present the general producer Leonid Vereshchagin, program director Kirill Razlogov and PR-director Peter Shepotinnik. Reasserted itself young cinema Russia: Alexander Sokurov work of students from the University of Kabardino-Balkaria will be shown in the next edition of the annual anthology of short films Global Russian.

An important point: ROSKINO finally joins forces with the Foundation for a movie, and Cannes Film Market opens a common stand on these two related objectives of the organization. To participate in the work applied for more than 35 kinoproizvodyaschih and distribution companies in Russia. And, as always, the work of the Russian pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival will promote his business and IT partners, among them – as powerful as “Aeroflot”. Representation of the Russian delegation at the Cannes Film Festival organized ROSKINO the Ministry of Culture and with the participation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

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