Monday, April 27, 2015

Sex shops Yekaterinburg removed Order with price tags on dildos – Express-News

27.04 | 19:38

The bloggers and the media at the end of last week, actively discussed the installation in one of the shops for adults Ekaterinburg price tags with the Order of the Patriotic War. And after the information has become a scandal, the owner of the shop replaced the price tags on the traditional, what is personally convinced one of the correspondents “MK-Ural».

As explained by one of the sellers trading network, the order of installation with price tags the image of the Order of the Patriotic War received from the management of the store. But immediately after the scandal emerged, they were taken, what information has already appeared in the public domain.

In this context, it is worth recalling that in the evening on April 23 on Thursday, the network among bloggers began an active discussion news. After that similar information appeared in the local media. It was only on Friday leadership sex shop has promised to investigate the situation and remove the scandalous price tags.


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