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The prosecutor’s office checks the RT opera “Jalil” on extremism – RBC

According to RBC Tatarstan, Head of Department for Supervision over the execution of laws on federal security, interethnic relations and countering extremism and terrorism prosecutors Ildar Ismagilov, the complaint to the opera “Jalil” entered the supervisory authority an additional 22 of April. The law gives to conduct the inspection 30 days, so the prosecutor’s office to finish checking until 21 May. The work is checked for violations of the law on combating extremism. If violations are found, the prosecutor’s office will take action. “We asked for the script and recording of the opera” Jalil. ” As they came to us, “- said RBC Tatarstan Ildar Ismagilov.

The head of Tatarstan Communist Mirgalimov Hafiz said RBC Tatarstan, which decided to send a formal complaint to the opera “Jalil”, which is on the stage of the Tatar State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, after having received an official letter from the Ministry of Culture .

«I and my like-minded people do not agree that in the opera” Jalil “large swastika, hammer and sickle, the car of the Red Army and the Germans with dogs are on the same stage and are equated with each other,” – said RBC Tatarstan Hafiz Mirgalimov. He said that he looked opera on February 23 and during the scene in the hall was indignant roar.

«People were outraged as well as the Day of Defender of the Fatherland equating Hitler and Stalin. It was blasphemous. I promised to veterans and their companions that just will not leave this matter and I will go to the end “, – said Mirgalimov.

Hafiz Mirgalimov refers to the fact that under Art. 20.3 of the Administrative Code banned public display of Nazi paraphernalia. For the message of the prosecutor’s office, he put a picture taken while watching performances, with a swastika. Deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Tajikistan states that will bring this matter to an end, and if the prosecutor’s office did not find violations of the law in the opera, it will appeal to “higher authorities.” He expressed regret that not looked opera, which is part of the repertoire for 4 years before.

«I will ensure that the scene where the swastika was cultured and fascism, was removed from the Opera and apologized to the veterans” – said the first secretary of the Tatarstan branch of the Communist Party.

Let us recall that a protest with respect to one of the scenes in the opera MP from the Communist Party faction has made March 20, 2015 at the session of the State Council of Tatarstan. Then he backed Speaker Farid Mukhametshin, naming the topic raised Communist date. “In some theaters of the religious and ideological conflicts arise. There are such facts. If someone of the repertoire is not neatly follow, we from scratch these issues will generate, “- said the speaker. He added that the theater should provide explanations on the matter.

As a result, on April 8, Tatarstan Communists published on the official website of the party a letter from the Ministry of Culture of Tatarstan, signed by the Deputy Minister Irada Ayupova. The Office recalls that the opera “Jalil” is devoted to the heroism of the poet of Tatarstan – the hero of the Soviet Union, the opera tells the story of his anti-fascist activities in German captivity, the courage and the heroic death of the poet. “In one scene of the play” Jalil “for a short time on the stage backdrop projected pictures of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler. This projection represents the confrontation between the two main forces in the Second World War – the Soviet Union in the image of Stalin and Nazi Germany in the image of Hitler “- said in the letter.

” On any incorrect positioning of the historic figures in this case is not out of the question, because the fight against the Soviet invaders – an indisputable fact recognized “- said in the text of the letter signed by the Deputy Minister of Culture of Tatarstan Irada Ayupova.

As explained RBC Tatarstan, the press service of the theater, no changes to the opera did not make and will not make. On April 30 the Opera and Ballet Theatre is planned a special screening of “Jalil”, to which arrive the crew of the famous French classical music channel Mezzo. It will record the performance for subsequent broadcast on the channel.

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