Saturday, April 25, 2015

The well-known actor Leonid Yarmolnik accused channel “Russia 1″ of anti-Semitism – Teleport

Release of the program was devoted doghanteram, killing of stray dogs. As an expert on the show were invited doghanterov Gennady Osovitsky, as well as several celebrities, including Leonid Yarmolnik and Joseph Kobzon.

Russian actor Leonid Yarmolnik advocated the adoption of the law on the protection of animals, Joseph Kobzon advocated the destruction of stray dogs, doghantery in turn said that will continue to kill dogs.

During transmission Osovitsky bent down to Leonid Yarmolnik and something told him softly, then Yarmolnik said loudly, “This man know that between my remarks I said? That I was driving home promised! That is the level of debate that man! “.

After that the actor left the set.

In an interview with the BBC said Yarmolnik that this situation has admitted the channel management. “He sits here between healthy and Yarmolnik Kobzon, looking at him the entire country. A wonderful guy who Plus anti-Semite – said Yarmolnik. – If we talk about anti-Semitism, then I was a little concerned: all my life I have lived in this country, and I am a Russian artist. And it sits ignorance, rudeness – how can I carry on a conversation with this person? “.

In turn, the press service of the RTR refused comment on the incident on the set of” air “with Boris Korchevnikovym reports


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