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Vadim Samoilov: Luganchane, the whole world is looking at you – a REGNUM

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Despite the war and complexity in the economy, cultural life in Lugansk does not stop, which helps a lot support from Russia

Today, April 25, in the capital of the People’s Republic of Lugansk gala concert rock festival “The Sun rise “, which was attended by well-known artists from Russia – Vadim Samoilov (ex-” Agatha Christie “), Julia Chicherin , a group of” 7B “and passed the preliminary contest Lugansk selection of the “Faust”, “Cuba-coat” and “War of emotions».

«For us, this is not one-off event – said the purpose of his arrival, Vadim Samoilov. – We do not want to look like a visiting guest performers, will help local collectives, export them to Russia. And we will not be limited to rock environment, we made friends with the local people’s collectives, leadership Lugansk houses of culture, the Academy of Arts. We are interested in helping people who live here, build a new life ».

The concert, ex-leader of the group” Agatha Christie “addressed the Lugansk Youth with the following words:” I wish you to be free. And build a truly national government. The whole world is looking at you. Peace to you! ».

Performances every now and then interrupted by thunderous applause the audience chanted:” We – Luhansk, and we are proud of it ! “and” Lugansk – Russian city! “. At the same time in the concert hall of Lugansk City Philharmonic concert took place Luhansk Symphony Orchestra, brilliantly performed a program of works by Russian classical music. Speech team also went to a full house, and it was very warmly received by the audience, which applauded the artists standing. It should be noted that the orchestra did not stop to give concerts in the postwar period, and its musicians remain loyal to their profession, working without pay.

Alex Axe, Lugansk


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