Thursday, April 23, 2015

Yarmolnik: anti-Semitism on the “Russia-1″ made the channel itself – RYBINSKonLine

In the broadcast of the Russian program scandal between the actor Leonid Yarmolnik and “doghanterom” Gennady Osovitskim. On the air “Russia-1″ discussed the topic of stray dogs, whose victims are often children. This is for beginning and became a field outspoken opponents of disputes.

The incident occurred on Wednesday during the program “Live” with Boris Korchevnikovym devoted to the so-called doghanteram.

At one point during the discuss whether so severely deal with stray dogs, as is done doghantery, namely the catch, and then kill them, a visiting representative of the capture of animals, leaned toward Yarmolnik and something whispered softly in your ear. Yarmolnik in response stunned: “I’ll do after the broadcast” homeland promised! “That is the level of debate that man!” Then he pops up in the middle of the studio and shouted: “This man between replicas know what I say ?!” The actor also said that come on a talk show to talk about the need for a law on animal rights.

«They did well aware, but they do their job, because making money when there is a scandal – has a rating.”

After the incident Yarmolnik talked to the producer of the program, with the editor. From the studio went Yarmolnik – a mocking applause here this doghantera. “This is not right. Of course, blame the channel, immorality spreads “- said Leonid Yarmolnik.


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