Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bookmakers tipped Polina Gagarina second place at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, May 20 – RIA Novosti. Bookmakers expect that the Russian participant of Eurovision 2015 Polina Gagarina take second place in the finals, which will take place May 23.

In the lists one of the largest British bookmaker William Hill offices Russian singer with the song A Million Voices is in second place. The leaders of the list – Swedish participant Mons Zelmerlev with the song Heroes.

The third place was given to bookmakers Italy is the fourth Australia, closes the top five potential finalists Estonia.

In the first semifinal Polina Gagarina got to the finals, which will take place on 23 May. In addition to her in the finals Albania, Armenia, Belgium, Georgia, Greece, Serbia, Romania and Estonia. Unable to move beyond the performers from Moldova, the Netherlands, Finland, Macedonia, Belarus and Denmark.

The foreign media noted that Gagarin received a ten-thousandth of an active response of the audience. No one has expressed disapproval of the singer, which was to be expected against the background of some disagreement with Russia’s foreign policy, and most importantly – Russian singer sang the song perfectly.

As previously reported by Channel One, the composition A Million Voices – “the brainchild of an international team of authors (Gabriel Alares, Joachim Bernberg Katrina Norberg, Leonid Gutkin, Vladimir Matetsky).” Earlier Alares, Bernberg and Gutkin wrote the song What If for the Russian participants of Eurovision 2013 Dina Garipova ranked with this song in the competition 5th place.

What is known Polina Gagarina

Gagarin – Russian singer, songwriter, actress. The winner of the TV project “Star Factory 2″. During his career has released two albums (“Ask the clouds” and “Statement”), he is currently working on a third. Gagarin – the participant of the musical TV project of the First Channel, “a hair’s breadth.” For more information about the Russian participants of Eurovision – Help RIA Novosti & gt; & gt;


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