Saturday, May 23, 2015

Close Polina Gagarina on the eve of “Eurovision” was told about her main fear –

Today Polina Gagarina ?? famous singer and defends the honor of Russia at a music contest “Eurovision-2015″. Program “You will not believe!” Managed to get unique footage of Gagarin’s still not a star, but in the center of male attention. Modest girl with a mop of brown hair and chubby cheeks. Such remembers her former beau ?? Boris ions.

They met back in 2001 on the entrance exams to Gnesinka. But then on the novel with the most beautiful girl of course Boris ions could only dream of. Boria was rooting for her TV show, I witnessed her stormy romances. To her, he was just a friend.

After the birth of son Andrew Polina Gagarina once he returned to the stage. But despite his busy schedule, he is trying to be the perfect wife. However, serene family life lasted only three years. And then ?? scandalous divorce. According to rumors, Pyotr Kislov often looked to the side. But friends claim: a husband and wife could not decide which of them more popular.

pop star long mourned alone. She quickly found solace in the arms of a friend of ?? Boris Ionov. And as soon as they appear together in public, as the tabloids were full of headlines: “Gagarin showed all the new groom!”. They met more than a year and seriously preparing for the wedding, but the registrar’s office have never reached.

Friends of the pair has its own version: Polina Gagarina threw him without regret. Rumor has it that the singer did not stand on ceremony with their men. So they flee from it like fire.

Thank Eskov ?? another former Polina Gagarina. Once he sang in the group “Prime Minister”. But soon after breaking up with Polina Gagarina he left the group and returned to his homeland in Kursk, and is rumored to have tried to commit suicide. Now the former Polina Gagarina ordinary working as a music teacher for 15 thousand rubles a month. And it is happy.

Gagarin, too, found his destiny. Six months ago, she put the ring back on his finger. The second law husband of the singer became a fashion photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. He often accompanied his wife on important concerts and in all its support.

A close friend of Gagarin, photographer Vladimir Shirokov, gave the program “You will not believe” the secret of the stars: the singer is most afraid of not being alone, or even failure in the famous competition. Its main fear ?? getting fat.

That’s girlfriend Note: Polina Gagarina diets have brought myself to exhaustion. Star does not hide: after all disappointments and partings she rely only on themselves. And other tips to do the same.


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