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Discovery and frustration of the Cannes festival – BBC Russian

  • 25 May 2015


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Jacques Audiard with the lead actors in the film “Deepa”

The drama of the refugees, “Deepa”, filmed by French director Jacques Audiard, won the “Palme d’Or” at the 68th Cannes Film Festival.

The main character, a former” Tamil Tiger “Deepa runs from Sri Lanka after the war. Together with other refugees – women and girls – he agrees to pretend to be his family to seek refuge in France. There they find themselves drawn into warring drug traffickers.

The choice of the jury, chaired by American filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen, was a surprise.

Many critics have predicted the film winning “Carol”, the novel tells the story of two lesbians in the 50s, but the only reward that this film received was the prize for the best female role – the actress Rooney Mara.

The second most important award of the festival – Grand Prix – received a picture of the Holocaust, “Son of Saul”, filmed by the Hungarian director Laszlo Nemes.

without enthusiasm

Audiard has already received awards in Cannes in previous years. In 1996 he received the prize for best screenplay (“No one knows the hero”), in 2009, his painting “The Prophet” won the Grand Prix, second only to “White Ribbon” Austrian Michael Haneke.

“Thanks to Michael Haneke for it this year, do not shoot” – joked from the stage Audiard, taking the “Palme d’Or”.

According to Variety, among the press who watched the ceremony, the jury’s decision to admit “Deepa” the best film of the festival was met with “a mixture of hooting, shrugging and applause”.

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Among the members of the jury were the actors Sophie Marceau, Jake Dzhillenholl, Sienna Miller and director Guillermo del Toro and Xavier Dolan

After the premiere of the film critics spoke of him with respect, but without enthusiasm. Russian critics covering Cannes, have also expressed dissatisfaction with the decision of the jury.

“Movie” Dheepan “Jacques Audiard – the owner has just awarded the” Golden Palm “- zauryaden so that I even did not pay him a single line in their Cannes reports – wrote in “Facebook” critic “Kommersant” Andrey Plakhov. – Decisions taken the worst for the entire twenty-first century, if not in the history of the Cannes Film Festival “.

However, at a press conference the Coen brothers claimed that the jury took this picture with great enthusiasm.

“We all felt that this wonderful film” – said Ethan Coen and Joel added that “it is not a jury of film critics, this jury of artists.”


Journalists longer liked the film won the Grand Prix, “Son of Saul” previously won the prize of the International Federation of Film Critics FIPRESCI.

Laszlo Nemes was the only debutant in the main competition of the festival. Prior to withdraw his first painting, he worked as an assistant to the famous Hungarian director Bela Tarr.

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Guests ceremony entertained American actor John Christopher Reilly

The film is set in Auschwitz. The protagonist – a Jew, which are forced to work in the gas chambers. One of the victims, he discovers the body, as it seems, his son. He becomes obsessed with the idea to bury him according to the rules, while remaining aloof from the uprising of prisoners of the camp, which takes place at the same time.

The film, according to the critics, it is extremely heavy. In the words of Nemes, he did not want to shoot a historical drama, and just wanted to immerse the audience in the atmosphere of that terrible time.

“Europe still pursues the destruction of the European Jews. In Hungary, it is felt,” – said the director, adding that it is essential to talk with survivors, as they are every year it becomes less and less.

The Russian film critic Anton Dolin called the picture a strong, but film director scolded for “sketchy plot, filled with deliberate symbolism,” which ” does not allow to really open up any of the characters “.

Italians without winning

The third most important award – the jury prize – went to Greek director Yorgos Lantimosu for comedy dystopia genre “Omar” with Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz in the lead roles. In the film, it becomes the duty of procreation, and all adults given 45 days in which to find a mate, or they turn into animals.

During the festival Lantimosa often asked why he made the film in English language rather than Greek. In an interview with BBC BBC he said that he did not attach much importance to this “hype”, but admitted that a film in English it was easier and it has at its disposal more resources than in Greece.

The prize for best director Hou Xiaoxian Taiwanese received for the film “The Killer.” The film takes place in China in the IX century: a girl from a noble family converted to the assassin. Critics almost unanimously expressed their delight at how beautiful this film.

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Coen brothers responded to the questions of the jury to the phrase, “it is not a jury of film critics, it is the jury artists “

Geography awarded film was wide, however, all three Italian films in the main competition were left without awards – the” Youth “movie veteran Paolo Sorrentino,” My mother, “Nanni Moretti and “Tale of Tales” by Matteo Garrone (name coincides with Yuri cartoon Norstein). The last movie was one of the favorites of critics.

The festival was also the film that critics liked the least. “Sea of ​​Trees” Gus Van Sant tells about a man who travels to Japan to commit suicide in the woods Aokigahara – a popular place for suicides residents of Tokyo.

The Guardian put the film one star out of five, calling it ” fantastically annoying and unfair way to break into tears “.

At the press conference after the film heard laughter and whistles, to which the leading man Matthew McConaughey said:” People have the same right to whistle as the right to arrange a standing ovation “.


Actress Rooney Mara was an obvious candidate for the award for Best Actress, but many believed that she will share this prize with co-star Cate Blanchett.

However, the second actress to get this award, Emmanuel became Burke, who played in the drama about the complicated relationship couples “My king.” Award for Best Actor also remain in France: it was Vincennes Landon, who played an unemployed person in the movie “The law of the market”.

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France’s Emmanuel Berko received the award for Best Actress – like Rooney Mara

“The decision to exclude [from among the recipients] Blanchett was not just illogical, it somewhat looks like a perversion. The only explanation that can be imagined – that the jury decided that she had collected enough statues … “- writes Hollywood Reporter.

The publication suggests that the” Carol “today – one of the most obvious contenders for a large number of nominations for” Oscar “. The film tells the story of a lesbian novel of a married woman (Blanchett) and a young shop assistant (Mara) under strict morals’ 50s of the last century.

The film attracted much attention at the festival, not only because of its artistic value. As stated in an interview Blanchett, she had relationships with many women, that many interpreted as an admission that the personal homosexual experience actress served as inspiration for this role.

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Many predlolagali that the awards for Best Actress and Mara get Blanchett

She later explained in an interview it was not included the remark that it was not a sexual relationship. The actress added that in 2015 it generally no one should worry about.

However, all the scandals has overshadowed one that in social networks and the media called #heelgate (from the word “heel” and “Watergate”). Several women have complained that they were not allowed to film screenings in flat shoes, because, according to the guards, the dress code for women prescribed festival heels.

Among those who refused were several elderly women age and producer Valery Richter, whose amputated part of his left leg and wear heels it can not.

Guide Festival really did not respond to the criticism, but said that in fact, heels are not a requirement of the dress code.


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